Which management services can be restarted on the ESXi host?

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Log in to the direct connection interface (DCUI) of ESXi 6.7 host, and we will see the following function option: Restart Management Agents. Even the description on the right is vague. What services are these so-called Management Agents?

Why not translate this Agent into "Agent", but into "service"?

The word agent is very empty, isn't it? One of these Agents is known as vpxa. I said in the previous blog that vpxa is a "spy". It is a spy assigned by vCenter Server to ESXi host. It is specially responsible for spying on ESXi messages and colluding with a service process called hostd to perform some "sabotage activities".

If you operate in the above interface and press F11 to confirm, you must restart the Management Agents. Then, a dozen services stored in the ESXi host / etc/init.d directory will be restarted. Because they are both daemons and daemons, they are similar to "services" in Linux operating system. At present, what I can see on my computer are as follows:

DCUI                     memscrubd                usbarbitrator
ESXShell                 nfcd                     vit_loader
SSH                      nfsgssd                  vitd
cdp                      nicmgmtd                 vmfstraced
clomd                    nscd                     vmsyslogd
cmmdsTimeMachine         ntpd                     vmtoolsd
cmmdsd                   osfsd                    vmware-fdm
dcbd                     pcscd                    vobd
ddecomd                  rabbitmqproxy            vpxa
epd                      rhttpproxy               vsanObserver
esxui                    sdrsInjector             vsandevicemonitord
hostd                    sensord                  vsandpd
hostdCgiServer           sfcbd-watchdog           vsanmgmtd
iofilterd-spm            slpd                     vsantraced
iofilterd-vmwarevmcrypt  smartd                   vvold
iofiltervpd              snmpd                    wsman
lacp                     storageRM                xorg
lbtd                     swapobjd
lwsmd                    upitd

If you want to operate on the ESXi host, you will have more functions. Take ntpd, which manages time synchronization, for example:

# /etc/init.d/ntpd start
# /etc/init.d/ntpd stop
# /etc/init.d/ntpd restart
# /etc/init.d/ntpd status
# /etc/init.d/ntpd ssl_reset

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