When a programmer meets an exciting girl

Whenever I am tired from work, I can look at the following content.
Work has another meaning. Earn money and experience this beautiful world with the girls you like.

  • lucky

    • I'm afraid that the later arrangements will be repeated, and there won't be too many opportunities to meet her, so I'll record every time here.

    • This may be the last chance to fall in love. If you miss it, you may have to wait for an older blind date to make a living. (of course, the more important reason to pursue her is that she may be the one I'm waiting for.)

    • She is excellent. If I don't catch up, I can only be eliminated

    • Her purpose of going abroad is relatively clear: she is still a business major, but not a major in finance and accounting. Instead, she is related to products and markets (the specific name is not clearly remembered)

    • She once said that she was passive, that is, she talked less, so she needed to find more topics to talk to her when meeting.

    • After knowing her, I learned to use meituan, public comments and little red books to find restaurants or entertainment that can impress girls.

    • schedule:
      Live fire

    • finish:
      Outdoor archery
      Indoor sports
      Daily material

    face by face:

    • First side:
      Time: around 1:00 p.m. on November 21, 2021 (see wechat chat records for specific time)
      Location: an outdoor archery place (I chose it, and she just wanted to play)
      Activities: archery, chess, Gobang, cost: AA (as a boy, I'm still a little embarrassed to do this), take a walk near Guangzhou tower
      Impression: the white sportswear looks very comfortable and easy to communicate,
      This is also where I began to move
      -Talk about my construction site
      -She paid the bill and chose a restaurant with good scenery
      -Video game city (I found the wrong place and went to Guangzhou tower)
      -Take it home at about 22 p.m
      -At the end of the meal, I asked her:
      What makes you unhappy about my performance today? [she said it was OK. There was no special food, so she wouldn't be natural]
      -Asked her feelings about me: she thought for a moment and said: I feel very mature. Then she asked me how I feel about her (the mushroom is cool for remembering revenge). All of a sudden, I was asked (I shouldn't have asked this question),
      Because I really don't know how to describe it. After meeting for only a few hours and holding it for a long time, I came up with the word "intellectual" to describe her {I forgot what I thought at that time}
      -When I was walking, I learned that she had met another netizen twice. I was a little unhappy. I secretly decided that I would see her more times.

    • Second side:
      Time: around 5:30 p.m. on November 27, 2021
      Location: Japanese food store near Wanshengwei
      Impression: loose suit coat + leather shoes. She said other shoes don't look good at work
      Activity: an indoor sports monster
      It can be seen that she likes the exciting project very much. She has played the project with weightlessness for three times.
      It seems that I haven't finished climbing once.
      She said she was a little afraid of heights
      We went back to the mall to find flowers. When the store closed, I said I was a little hungry (actually I wanted to stay with her longer). We went to have milk tea together,
      She said that tea Baidao had a new product and wanted to taste it, but the store said that one of the materials had been sold out (if you have a chance later, take her with you)
      While eating Japanese food, she asked me to make up for the way she wore glasses (frankly, I can't imagine it)

      - seeing her recently cracked lips, she asked, she said that Guangzhou was too dry recently and used lipstick every day.
      -She found several restaurants and chose one of them
      She chose a good wine and said it was a cocktail (later I looked up the consumption record and saw the name of the wine: green plum wine for the first time)
      It's really good to drink, but it seems that after drinking some, I feel a little dizzy. Maybe I look at her while drinking. Everyone will get drunk if he is not drunk.

        - She can't dance
        - She said she didn't expect me to send flowers the second time she met
        	What I said at that time was: to apologize, we should have an attitude of apology(She didn't think I needed to apologize)
        	Actually, what I really want to tell her is
        - I left the flowers in the store before playing indoors, (It was a little tangled. Should I come back on time), 
        	At the end of the room, I pulled her to play shooting, Dragged time to a critical point, See if luck can miss the chance to see you again the next day.
        - After 22 p.m, She treated me to a bowl of noodles(After the peas are crushed, The noodles are not very good-looking, Plus, I'm a little full of milk tea, So I didn't finish it, Asked her, She said she could not finish it, Then he gave up)
        	Asked when eating noodles, How many netizens has she met, She thought for a long time(I was surprised,There won't be many. I can't count them.)
        	She said three, Ask questions quickly, There are several contacts at present[Learned that one had lost contact, Another one seems very busy recently, Not much contact]
        	I asked, are you waiting to contact another person? She said: I'm looking forward to it(I've known her before. Another netizen is a sunshine sports type, I guess that's it), I'm a little scared, 
        	I've been thinking about what memory the other boy left her, And make her look forward to meeting.
        - I seem to know when I eat noodles, She bought the bill twice when she met another boy, She said the movie tickets were bought by boys.
        - I learned from her that another boy is doing web design, But I don't seem to be a programmer, So it is estimated that it is made with ready-made tools ppt Website work(Mainly pull and pull)
        	It's not like being too busy to meet the girl you like, A little suspicious that she was raised by others.
        - I learned that when she came home from work at night, she would cook by herself and prepare lunch the next day, When buying milk tea, she said that there was an activity of buying one for free for new products in a milk tea shop
        	I can see she is a thrifty girl
        - When I go home at night, She sent a wechat saying that today's indoor sports were well arranged, Represents the cost AA, But I told her it was thanks to her:
        	Let me know that there are many good things in life besides work
    • Third side:
      Time: November 28, 2021, near 12 a.m
      Location: coffee shop near her home
      Impression: with those glasses with a little big frame, the image on her appearance was very blurred that day. Maybe it was because I saw her less often (because I expressed my intention, so I didn't have a good intention to see her)
      Activities: drinking coffee, sending flowers, visiting scenic spots and chatting.

      -She said she always drank American coffee with ice, but she couldn't drink it after 15 p.m. for fear that she couldn't sleep at night.
      Looking at the way she can take a big sip, I almost thought the shopkeeper made her a cup of milk tea.
      -I learned table tennis for two months when I was a child

        - She said she realized I was after her
        - I asked: can you chase her?
          She said:
        		1- I'm going abroad soon, We may not be able to meet for nearly two years.
        		2- After returning home, I don't know which city it will develop in, (We may not see each other in the future). 
        		3- For two years, none of us knew what the future would be like, What if we both meet someone else?
        			Isn't that a waste of time now?
          I told her:
        		1- I keep repeating: You always have to go home.(I want to try the feeling of waiting for a love, I think if we can get through it, Then the harvest is a period
        			Love that can stand the test of time and place, Then the future two people really together should be more beautiful,
        			This is also the love I have been longing for)
        		2- Our work determines that our future city is at least a provincial capital or a new front line,We don't have a job in a small place.(She agrees with this view)
        			Two years later, there is no company in China that I can't go to.(It's a goal for yourself) [She seems skeptical]
        			So no matter where you are, I can always find the right company.[She seemed to say that the salary would not be so high]
        		3- First of all, the nature of my work determines that it is not easy for me to meet a suitable person,
        			Secondly, she used to study, I don't spend much time on personal feelings, In case she meets,
        			I will bless her, too.
        		4- The first three years of work are very important for career development(She also agrees with this view, And said that work should come first, We must stabilize our career before we can talk about a better future)
        		5- It happens that we can take advantage of these two years to turn ourselves into better ourselves, 
        - About advertising:
        	I told her:
        		Actually, I put the flowers in the store on purpose, I didn't get it on time, Then I can ask you to meet a third person, 
        			Become the netizen who meets you the most.(She said she didn't think so much)
        	She asked: do you just want to meet today and say that confession.
        		I said no, Show your mind is just what to say on what occasion, Improvised
        		The real reason: in fact, it's because she said some of her ideas about future development, And express the attitude that a good career can make love better,
        			Makes me think she's the one I'm waiting for, But we haven't known each other long, It's not appropriate to confess directly, But I want her to know, I want to chase her, So just tell her I want to chase her.
        - She said she would go out around 14 p.m, But it didn't seem to come out until about 17 o'clock, I don't know what she's doing these hours, Are you thinking about what I said to her?

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