Using python3 to grab pinpoint application information

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Using python3 to grab pinpoint application information

Pinpoint It is an APM (application performance management) tool written in Java for large distributed systems. Inspired by Dapper, Pinpoint provides a solution to help analyze the overall structure of the system and the interrelationship between its components by tracking transactions in distributed applications

pinpoint api:

  • /applications.pinpoint get basic information of applications
  • /getAgentList.pinpoint get the corresponding application agent information
  • /getServerMapData.pinpoint get the basic data flow information of the corresponding app


import mysql.connector
class MyDB(object):
    """docstring for MyDB"""
    def __init__(self, host, user, passwd , db): = host
        self.user = user
        self.passwd = passwd
        self.db = db

        self.connect = None
        self.cursor = None
    def db_connect(self):
        """Database connection
        self.connect = mysql.connector.connect(, user=self.user, passwd=self.passwd, database=self.db)
        return self
    def db_cursor(self):
        if self.connect is None:
            self.connect = self.db_connect()

        if not self.connect.is_connected():
            self.connect = self.db_connect()
        self.cursor = self.connect.cursor()
        return self
    def get_rows(self , sql):
        """ Query database results
        :param sql: SQL Sentence
        :param cursor: Database cursor

        return self.cursor.fetchall()
    def db_execute(self, sql):
    def db_close(self):
        """Close database connections and cursors
        :param connect: Database connection instance
        :param cursor: Database cursor
        if self.connect:
        if self.cursor:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Copyright (c) 2018, mersap
All rights reserved.

//Created by: mersap
//Creation date: January 17, 2019

import sys
import requests
import time
import datetime
import json

import db

PPURL = "https://pinpoint.*******.com"

From_Time = + datetime.timedelta(seconds=-60)
To_Time =
From_TimeStamp = int(time.mktime(From_Time.timetuple()))*1000
To_TimeStamp = int(time.mktime(*1000

class PinPoint(object):
    """docstring for PinPoint"""
    def __init__(self, db):
        self.db = db
        super(PinPoint, self).__init__()

    """Obtain pinpoint Application in"""
    def get_applications(self):
        '''return application dict
        applicationListUrl = PPURL + "/applications.pinpoint"
        res = requests.get(applicationListUrl)
        if res.status_code != 200:
            print("Request exception,Please check.")
        applicationLists = []
        for app in res.json():
        applicationListDict["applicationList"] = applicationLists
        return applicationListDict
    def getAgentList(self, appname):
        AgentListUrl = PPURL + "/getAgentList.pinpoint"
        param = {
        res = requests.get(AgentListUrl, params=param)
        if res.status_code != 200:
            print("Request exception,Please check.")
        return len(res.json().keys()),json.dumps(list(res.json().keys()))
    def update_servermap(self, appname , from_time=From_TimeStamp,
                         to_time=To_TimeStamp, serviceType='SPRING_BOOT'):
        '''To update app Upstream downstream relationship
        :param appname: apply name
        :param serviceType: Application type
        :param from_time: Starting time
        :param to_time: Termination time
        param = {

        # serverMapUrl = PPURL + "/getServerMapData.pinpoint"
        serverMapUrl = "{}{}".format(PPURL, "/getServerMapData.pinpoint")
        res = requests.get(serverMapUrl, params=param)
        if res.status_code != 200:
            print("Request exception,Please check.")
        update_time = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S',time.localtime(time.time()))
        links = res.json()["applicationMapData"]["linkDataArray"]
        for link in links :
            ###Exclude the application of test
            if link['sourceInfo']['applicationName'].startswith('test'):
            #Application name, application type, downstream application name, downstream application type, number of application nodes, number of downstream application nodes, total requests, number of error requests, number of slow requests (the number of this application to the next application)
            application = link['sourceInfo']['applicationName']
            serviceType = link['sourceInfo']['serviceType']
            to_application = link['targetInfo']['applicationName']
            to_serviceType = link['targetInfo']['serviceType']
            agents = len(link.get('fromAgent',' '))
            to_agents =  len(link.get('toAgent',' '))
            totalCount = link['totalCount']
            errorCount = link['errorCount']
            slowCount  = link['slowCount']

            sql = """
                REPLACE into application_server_map (application, serviceType, 
                agents, to_application, to_serviceType, to_agents, totalCount, 
                errorCount,slowCount, update_time, from_time, to_time) 
                VALUES ("{}", "{}", {}, "{}", "{}", {}, {}, {}, {},"{}","{}",
                    application, serviceType, agents, to_application, 
                    to_serviceType, to_agents, totalCount, errorCount,
                     slowCount, update_time, From_Time, To_Time)

    def update_app(self):
        """To update application
        appdict = self.get_applications()
        apps = appdict.get("applicationList")
        update_time = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S',time.localtime(time.time()))
        for app in apps:
            if app['applicationName'].startswith('test'):
            agents, agentlists = self.getAgentList(app['applicationName'])
            sql = """
                REPLACE  into application_list( application_name, 
                service_type, code, agents, agentlists, update_time) 
                VALUES ("{}", "{}", {}, {}, '{}', "{}");""".format(
                    app['applicationName'], app['serviceType'], 
                    app['code'], agents, agentlists, update_time)
        return True

    def update_all_servermaps(self):
        """Update all apps
        appdict = self.get_applications()
        apps = appdict.get("applicationList")
        for app in apps:
            self.update_servermap(app['applicationName'], serviceType=app['serviceType'])
        ###Delete data 7 days ago
        Del_Time = + datetime.timedelta(days=-7)

        sql = """delete from application_server_map where update_time <= "{}"
        return True

def connect_db():
    """ establish SQL Connect
    mydb = db.MyDB(
    return mydb

def main():
    db = connect_db()
    pp = PinPoint(db)

if __name__ == '__main__':
  • Attach sql statement

CREATE TABLE `application_list` (
  `application_name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
  `service_type` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Service type',
  `code` int(11) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Service type code',
  `agents` int(11) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'agent Number',
  `agentlists` varchar(256) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'agent list',
  `update_time` datetime DEFAULT NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP COMMENT 'Update time',
  PRIMARY KEY (`application_name`),
  UNIQUE KEY `Unique_App` (`application_name`) USING BTREE
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COMMENT='pinpoint app list'

CREATE TABLE `application_server_map` (
  `application` varchar(32) NOT NULL COMMENT 'apply name',
  `serviceType` varchar(8) NOT NULL,
  `agents` int(2) NOT NULL COMMENT 'agent Number',
  `to_application` varchar(32) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Downstream service name',
  `to_serviceType` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Downstream service type',
  `to_agents` int(2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Downstream services agent Number',
  `totalCount` int(8) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Total number of requests',
  `errorCount` int(8) DEFAULT NULL,
  `slowCount` int(8) DEFAULT NULL,
  `update_time` datetime NOT NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
  `from_time` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  `to_time` datetime DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`application`,`to_application`),
  UNIQUE KEY `Unique_AppMap` (`application`,`to_application`) USING BTREE
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COMMENT='Application link data'

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