unix commands often used in work

Keywords: Linux Unix server

1, Background

         I have accumulated a lot of commands related to the server in my work, which are commonly used. Record and share them with you. I hope it will be helpful.

2, Common commands

1. vim enters the file, exits the editing mode, executes DD to delete a whole line, and 20dd to delete 20 lines under the cursor

2. When bash execution is complete, enter $? You can view the return value 0 or 1

3. Add this sentence at the beginning of bash script.


4. Execute bash file, prompt insufficient permission, execute command

chmod +x ./Your program

5. How do I exit bash when executing a bash script?

(1) Open a new cmd and execute

 ps -ef|grep exportsql.sh

(2) Get the port number and execute the following command:

 kill -9 pid

6. View the folder size in the current directory

du -h --max-depth=1 |sort

7. View disk space size

df -h

8. Migrate files

(1) (download the remote dbconfig.xml to the local test directory)

scp -P 54321 -r root@ip:/root/dbconfig.xml /home/jiankangxu/test

(2) Upload file to server:

scp -P 22 -r D:\springdubbo20210902\nacos-server-2.0.3.tar.gz root@bj0:/nacos

9. View server version

uname -n

10. Switch root user

sudo -s

11. Modify the permissions of all files in the directory, readable, writable and executable

chmod -R 777 /home/jiankangxu/var/atlassian/application-data/jira/data

12. Switch sub user test

 su - test

13. View which user the current user is


14. To modify the server language, centos7 goes to / etc/locate.conf and executes the following command

source /etc/locale.conf

15. View task running status and parent process number

ps -ef|grep scp

16. View directory permissions

 ls -l

17. Move the attachments directory to the data directory

mv /home/jiankangxu/var/atlassian/application-data/jira/datas/attachments /home/jiankangxu/var/atlassian/application-data/jira/data

18. The files are arranged from small to large

du -sh * | sort -nr 

19. Find file

whereis aaa.txt

20. Find out if the jdk is installed on the system

rpm -qa | grep jdk

21. Extract the cenos file to the specified directory

sudo tar -xzvf j.tar.gz -C java

22. Extract the cenos file to the current directory

sudo tar -zxvf a.tar.gz

23. Return to the root directory

cd /

24. Add user

useradd ftpuser

25. Modify file permissions. Both user name and user group are ftpuser

sudo chown -R ftpuser.ftpuser ./ftpfile/

26. Modify user password

sudo passwd ftpuser

27. Modify security policy

sudo vim /etc/selinux/config

28. View ports

ps -ef | grep nginx
sudo lsof -i:8000

29. Kill a port

sudo kill -9 850

30. Check whether nginx is started

ps aux|grep nginx

31. View the contents of a file

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

32. Check whether there are iptables in the current directory

ll | grep ipt

33. Grant a user permission for the whole directory

sudo chown -R geely /developer/

34. Modify the file permissions in the directory, which are readable, writable and executable

(1) Write

sudo chmod u+w -R /developer

(2) Read

sudo chmod u+r -R /developer

(3) Execute

sudo chmod u+x -R /developer

35. View local ip

 ifconfig -a

36. Switch to the following user

sudo -s

37. Return to normal user

su jiankang

38. Use find to fuzzy match the file path whose name contains kafka

find / -name "*kafka*"

39. Permission to view the file

ls -la

40. File executable rights granted to all users

chmod a+rwx swapfile

41. View file attributes


42. Delete file attributes

chattr -i filename

43. Viewing ports

netstat -tunlp

44. View specific ports

netstat -tnlp | grep :80

45. unix obtains the full path of the file

readlink -f file.txt

46. Delete directory

rm -rf mysql

47,   View remaining memory

free -h

48. View the current directory file size

ls -lht

49. Download files

sudo wget --no-check-certificate https://dlcdn.apache.org/kafka/3.0.0/kafka-3.0.0-src.tgz

3, Summary

         The above are some commands commonly used in work. Please record them here. I hope they can help you. If you think it's good, welcome wechat search to pay attention to the basic notes of java. Later, we will constantly update relevant knowledge and make progress together.

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