Ant blockchain lesson 20: trustworthiness certification judicial chain from entry to implementation

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1. summary

The technology builders of Hangzhou Internet court and judicial blockchain platform are ant financial services blockchain. Then, with the help of ant's technical ability and service ability, how to quickly connect with the superior's legal chain, so as to facilitate the subsequent opening of the closed-loop process of certificate / rights protection. This paper introduces the business and characteristics, cost and access method of ant blockchain trustworthiness certificate, which has practical guiding significance.

2. Introduction of ant blockchain trustworthiness certificate

Ant blockchain trustworthiness certificate has full link trustworthiness, judicial authority node witness, security and privacy protection, one-stop access ability, the first legally recognized blockchain certificate storage platform in China.

2.1 four advantages of ant blockchain trustworthiness

Judicial authority node witness

The user data is stored in a distributed ledger, and witnessed by authoritative nodes such as Qiantang notary public office, Shanghai Computer Industry Association judicial appraisal office, Hangzhou Internet court, etc.

Authenticity guarantee cannot be tampered with

The platform adopts a fully distributed architecture to encrypt user data. The calculation and interaction are completed independently among the multiple calculation nodes of the encrypted data. There is no central control node, so the real data can not be tampered.

Security compliance privacy protection

To ensure the minimum use of data, all calculations are carried out after encryption or desensitization, to maximize the security of personal privacy data.

One stop access

Users can have one-stop access through rich API s and SDK s, and enjoy the whole process of certificate storage and issuance services provided by the platform.

2.2 five application scenarios of ant blockchain trustworthiness

Digital works registration scene

In the Internet age, information is spread quickly and widely. Without pre registration, digital works are likely to be infringed, and the cost of safeguarding rights is very high. In this regard, ant blockchain provides the ownership registration service for digital works, including pictures, videos, audio, text, codes and other digital works, so that the original works can quickly generate judicial recognized electronic data certificate, and protect the copyright of digital works.

Service notice certificate storage scenario

A large number of disputes in the Internet service industry lie in whether the platform and businesses have informed users of the restrictive conditions in advance, including restrictive conditions, scope of use, service agreement, privacy protection terms, etc. In this regard, ant blockchain's trusted certificate storage provides a certificate storage service with a trusted timestamp, impartiality and neutrality, and judicial recognition, which helps the platform, businesses and users maintain their legitimate rights and interests.

Electronic voucher storage scenario

Electronic certificates, transaction vouchers, electronic contracts, electronic bills and other digital vouchers are not easy to manage, easy to lose, difficult to circulate, difficult to verify and other defects. In this regard, ant blockchain trusted storage can provide permanent storage and verification services for users' electronic vouchers, which not only facilitates users' management of electronic vouchers, but also makes users' electronic vouchers easy to circulate.

Online transaction certificate deposit scenario

There are a large number of detailed data in online shopping and trading activities, which are easy to be lost over time and difficult to connect when disputes arise. In this regard, ant blockchain trusted certificate storage provides fair, objective and judicially recognized certificate storage services for users' online transactions, and provides double insurance for users' online data behaviors.

The scene of depositing evidence for infringement

When the legitimate rights and interests of users are infringed, ant blockchain trusted certificate storage can provide users with certificate storage services of infringement evidence, such as service terms, service content, transaction price, customer service communication record of infringement website, so as to ensure the proof ability of users when safeguarding their rights.

Huige personally understands that many enterprises can do these business scenarios, but only ants have completed the construction of the judicial chain, which has the advantage of monopoly resources. The specific business application of toB can be completed by various platforms, and the data boss method chain is handed over to ants to complete the interface, which is more practical.

3. Opening and billing rules

For many toB businesses, the rules are complex or deliberately set to require manual intervention and strong resource fulfillment mode, which does not meet the current market demand. Ant adheres to the principle of "openness and simplicity" of Alijia in the promotion of trusted certificate keeping business, which is more humanized.

3.1 opening

Log in to the ant blockchain trusted certificate ( platform, and after completing the enterprise registration and real name authentication, you can open the trusted certificate service according to the business scenario.

The corresponding scenarios include contract, copyright, finance, lease and justice.)

3.2 billing rules

Although the billing method of trusted certificate deposit is a billing method that uses the settlement of the next day first and then pays, it requires the balance of its capital account to be greater than 10000 yuan, which is a bit of margin.

Specific price reference (this price is quite different from the actual one):

classification Billing instruction
Certificate of contract Each successful call is a valid number of times. The fee is 0.012 yuan / time.
Copyright certificate Each successful call is a valid number of times. The fee is RMB 0.15/time.
Financial deposit Each successful call is a valid number of times. The fee is 1.2 yuan / time.
Certificate of lease Fees to be determined.
Judicial deposit Fees to be determined.

In fact, the recommended resource package is used. The specific link is Productcode = twcbag & tenantname = vvrmjtry

The cheapest annual package, converted to 0.004 yuan / time deposit.

4. Use entry instance and API interface

4.1 quick start

The following steps are required to complete a single deposit:

  1. Create a certificate transaction : a globally unique ID is used as a voucher for a fixed depositor / company to use multiple times. You can choose to initiate a new ID of the deposit transaction or store a group of associated evidences in a deposit transaction before initiating the deposit, which depends on your business needs.
  2. Initiate deposit: according to your deposit type, you can also select initiate Text storage ,Document deposit ,Original evidence And so on. When you initiate a deposit, specify the deposit transaction ID that you requested in step 1.
  3. Download and deposit certificate: you can use Download Text certificate ,Download file certificate ,Download original certificate To obtain the data of your certificate, you can also use the Get transaction data of certificate keeping Interface gets all data in the specified certificate transaction.

4.2 typical interface of trusted certificate

Using trusted certificate service through OpenAPI, please refer to OpenAPI: trusted certificate service , please refer to the following OpenAPI introduction for detailed document address.

Interface address
Create a certificate transaction twc.notary.trans.create
Get all the certificate information in the transaction twc.notary.trans.get
Create a text voucher (the content of the voucher is text plaintext without BASE64 encoding) twc.notary.text.create
Get the content of text certificate twc.notary.text.get
Create a file content Certificate (BASE64 encoding of text content or hash of text content) twc.notary.file.create
Obtain document certificate twc.notary.file.get
Create the original content Certificate (BASE64 code of the content of the certificate document) twc.notary.source.create
Obtain original certificate twc.notary.source.get

For customers in the leasing, contract and financial industries, ant also provides some proprietary interfaces to facilitate the connection with the judicial process. For details, please refer to the link:

4.3 calling instance

The following provides the dependencies that need to be added when calling the OpenAPI, and explains the interface calling process through the Java example.


Please refer to the following code example to complete the interface call for the creation of the certificate storage transaction:

import java.util.*;

public class Demo {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException{
        // For instance ID configuration, please change the formal environment to notary-api-prod
        String productInstanceId = "notary-api-test";

       // Initialize client
        AntFinTechProfile profile = AntFinTechProfile.getProfile(
        AntFinTechApiClient client = new AntFinTechApiClient(profile);
        // Build request
        CreateTransRequest createTransRequest = new CreateTransRequest();
        Identity customer = new Identity();
        customer.setCertName("Xiao Wang");
         // Please replace the real ID number when testing

        CreateTransResponse createTransResponse = client.execute(createTransRequest);
        Location location = new Location();
        // Build a document storage request
        CreateTextRequest createTextRequest = new CreateTextRequest();
        CreateTextResponse createTextResponse = client.execute(createTextRequest);
        // Build file storage request
        CreateFileRequest createFileRequest = new CreateFileRequest();
        String content = Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString("fileContent".getBytes());
        CreateFileResponse createFileResponse = client.execute(createFileRequest);
        /*Build original document storage request*/
        CreateSourceRequest createSourceRequest = new CreateSourceRequest();
        createSourceRequest.setSourceDesc("test source");
        CreateSourceResponse createSourceResponse = client.execute(createSourceRequest);
        // Wait for the blockchain to block out. The default block out frequency is 2 seconds / piece
        // Build the request to obtain the information of the certificate keeping transaction
        GetTransRequest getTransRequest = new GetTransRequest();
        GetTransResponse getTransResponse = client.execute(getTransRequest);

4.4 docking of Hangzhou Internet court

After the completion of evidence storage and collection, if you want to go through judicial procedures, you can submit a petition to the Hangzhou Internet court, whose address is:

Open it and go to the homepage of the Internet Court (the following is a brief introduction of the litigation platform of Hangzhou Internet court, the function and process are for reference only, subject to the content of the official website of the Internet court)

There is a brief introduction to the litigation process in the page scrolling down. Click the red box button below to view the introduction of the official litigation process of the court.

Follow up the operation according to the prompt on the page. HASH verification is required when submitting evidence.

Please refer to the introduction of the procedure of the Internet Court: × Lassen / literationdocuments

5. reference

(1) Official website address of Hangzhou Internet court
(2) Ant blockchain trustworthiness certificate

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