Three ways to install PHP7.4 in Centos8 (Liunx) and three ways to remove it

Keywords: Linux PHP MySQL Apache yum


Compile Installation

Differences and future choices between PHP source compilation and installation via yum under Centos8

Actually, each of these two methods has its own advantages:

yum installation:

From the perspective of Yum installation, Yum is equivalent to automatic help you install, regardless of the software dependencies, the yum installation process is to help you solve all the software dependencies for you foolishly.The service startup of Centos7 is now controlled by the systemctl command.The Yum installation will help you automatically register the service. You can start the service via systemctl start xxx.service, which is convenient and quick.However, the disadvantage is that you cannot interfere with the yum installation, and the installed directories are scattered.You may want to execute the whereis or find command to find the path to the yum installation.Sometimes the software version installed by Yum is lower and you have to go to another Yum source or rpm package.


Source installation:

Source code compilation can solve a lot of dependency problems during the installation process in order to install a software.You cannot start the service with systemctl because there is no configuration file for your service under / usr/lib/systemd/system/path and you have to write one yourself.But the advantage is that you can choose the version of the software, customize the installation directory, and install the modules.More flexibility and convenience.


LNMP One-Click Installation:

LNMP One-Click Installation Package is a Shell program written with Linux Shell that can install LNMP(Nginx/MySQL/PHP), LNMPA(Nginx/MySQL/PHP/Apache), LAMP(Apache/MySQL/PHP) production environments for CentOS/RHEL/Fedora/Aliyun/Amazon, Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian/Deepin/Mint Linux VPS or stand-alone hosts.There is no need for one input command, no need for watchfulness, compilation and installation to optimize compilation parameters, improve performance, and resolve unnecessary software dependencies, especially for automatic configuration optimization.Support for customizing Nginx, PHP compilation parameters and website and database directories, support for generating LetseEcrypt certificates, support for multiple PHP versions in LNMP mode, support for installing Nginx/MySQL/MariaDB/Pureftpd servers separately, and provide some useful auxiliary tools such as virtual host management, FTP user management, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP upgrade, common cache components Redis/Xcache, etc.Install, reset MySQL root password, 502 auto restart, log cutting, SSH protection DenyHosts/Fail2Ban, backup and many other useful scripts.


All three of the above have their own advantages. It is recommended that beginners must master the process of source code compilation, solve the problems encountered in the installation manually, and be familiar with how to compile a software, which is beneficial for the future development, and some software can not be installed through yum. Source code compilation is very important at this time.For software like PHP, if it is compiled and installed, you have to compile PHP extensions in phpize,. /configure, make && make install, etc. without an extension, which is tedious.If you install with yum, when you add an extension, such as pdo, you can yum search php | grep pdo to find the right PDO package, and then download the installation, which will automatically add you to the list of PHP extensions.Much of our work has been omitted.LNMP One-Click Installation is used for developers to quickly set up their development environment, allowing them more time to develop their business logic.


1. Use the yum command ( Learn the basic knowledge of yum)

Reference website:



This is a simpler way to install php quickly and easily.( Basic usage and examples of rpm commands)

#Add several sources or errors will occur
#php Higher version yum The source address, which has two parts, is epel-release,The other part comes from webtatic. If skipped epel-release If so, install webtatic When
rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh


After adding the related libraries, enable the Remi module for PHP 7.4 and install it.

dnf -y install dnf-utils


#Use this command to view php7.4
yum search php74*


Then install the module you want:

php74: install PHP 7.4 Package for
php74-php: Used to create dynamics web Of PHP Scripting Language Website
php74-build: Basic build configuration
php74-php-gd: Be used for PHP Application Use gd Module Graphics Library
php74-xhprof: One for PHP - Web Hierarchical parser for interfaces
php74-zephir: Used to create extensions Zephir language PHP: 
php74-php-ast: Abstract Grammar Tree
php74-php-cli: Be used for PHP The command line interface of
php74-php-dba: One for PHP Database Abstraction Layer Module Application
php74-php-dbg: interactive PHP debugger
php74-php-ffi: External Function Interface
php74-php-fpm: PHP FastCGI Process Manager
php74-php-gmp: One for use GNU Of PHP Application Module Member Library
php74-php-lz4: x86_64: PHP Of LZ4 extend
php74-php-pdo: One for PHP Database Access Abstract Module Application
php74-php-xml: x86_64:For use with XML Of PHP Modules of the application
php74-runtime: Handle php74 Packages of the software collection:
php74-php-imap: x86_64:For use with IMAP Of PHP Modules of the application
php74-php-intl: x86_64: PHP Internationalized Extended Applications
php74-php-json: x86_64: PHP Of JavaScript Object Symbol Extension
php74-php-ldap: x86_64:For use with LDAP Of PHP Modules of the application
php74-php-oci8: x86_64:For use with OCI8 Of PHP Application's module database
php74-php-odbc: x86_64:For use with ODBC Of PHP Application's module database
php74-php-pear: noarch: PHP Extensions and Application Library Framework
php74-php-pggi: GTK binding
php74-php-snmp: One for PHP Modules for application queries SNMP-managed equipment
php74-php-soap: For use with SOAP Of PHP Module Protocol for Applications
php74-php-tidy: standard PHP Module provided tidy Library support
php74-php-zstd: x86_64: Zstandard Extension
php74-scldevel: x86_64:Pack php74 Development documents
php74-unit-php: Be used for NGINX Unital PHP Modular
php74-php-devel: structure PHP Expand required files
php74-php-pgsql: One for PHP Of PostgreSQL Database module
php74-php-pinba: x86_64: Pinba Client Extension for Statistics Server
php74-php-bcmath: Be used for PHP Modules of the application bcmath library
php74-php-brotli: Be used for PHP Of Brotli extend
php74-php-common: PHP Public Documents
php74-php-pspell: x86_64:Be used for PHP Interface in Module of Application
php74-php-recode: Be used for PHP Module Recoding Library for Applications
php74-php-snappy: PHP Of Snappy extend
php74-php-sodium: x86_64:Packaging of Sodium Cryptographic Library
php74-php-sqlsrv: x86_64:Be used for SQL Server Of PHP Microsoft Driver
php74-php-xmlrpc: Of PHP Application module xml - rpc Agreement
php74-php-enchant: Enhance PHP Spelling extension application for
php74-php-libvirt: Be used for Libvirt Of PHP Language Binding
php74-php-mysqlnd: x86_64:For use with MySQL Of PHP Application's module database
php74-php-opcache: x86_64: Zend OPcache
php74-php-pecl-ds: x86_64: PHP Data structure
php74-php-pecl-ev: provide libev Library's interface
php74-php-pecl-pq: PostgreSQL Client Library(libpq)binding
php74-php-pecl-uv: Libuv Packer
php74-php-process: Be used for PHP Script modules use system process interfaces
php74-php-embedded: For embedding applications PHP library
php74-php-mbstring: One for PHP Module Multi-byte String Processing for Applications
php74-php-pecl-dio: direct I/O function
php74-php-pecl-eio: provide libeio Library's interface
php74-php-pecl-env: Loading environment variables
php74-php-pecl-lua: Embedded lua interpreter
php74-php-pecl-lzf: x86_64:Handle LZF de/Compressed Extension
php74-php-pecl-nsq: NSQ Client's PHP extend
php74-php-pecl-psr: PSR Interface
php74-php-pecl-rar: For reading RAR Archived PHP extend
php74-php-pecl-rrd: x86_64: rrdtool Of PHP binding
php74-php-pecl-sdl: Ordinary PHP DirectMedia layer
php74-php-pecl-svn: x86_64: Subversion Version of PHP Binding Control System
php74-php-pecl-vld: x86_64:dump PHP Internal Representation Script
php74-php-pecl-yac: Unlocked User Data Cache
php74-php-pecl-yaf: x86_64:Another Framework
php74-php-pecl-yar: lightweight concurrency RPC frame
php74-php-pecl-yaz: x86_64: Z39.50/SRU Client
php74-php-pecl-zip: One ZIP File extension
php74-php-pecl-zmq: ZeroMQ message passing
php74-php-phalcon4: Phalcon frame
php74-php-componere: Write at runtime PHP class
php74-php-litespeed: LiteSpeed Web The server PHP Support
php74-php-maxminddb: MaxMind DB Reader extend
php74-php-pdo-dblib: x86_64: PDO Driver, for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase data base
php74-php-pecl-amqp: With any AMQP Compatible Server Communication
php74-php-pecl-apcu: APC User Cache
php74-php-pecl-apfd: Always fill in form data
php74-php-pecl-fann: Be used for FANN Packager for Library
php74-php-pecl-grpc: x86_64:currency RPC frame
php74-php-pecl-http: Extended HTTP Support
php74-php-pecl-krb5: Kerberos Validation Extensions
php74-php-pecl-pcov: x86_64:Code Override Driver
php74-php-pecl-ssh2: x86_64: libssh2 Binding of Libraries
php74-php-pecl-sync: Named and unnamed synchronization objects
php74-php-pecl-uopz: x86_64: Zend User Action
php74-php-pecl-uuid: Universal Unique Identifier Extension For PHP
php74-php-pecl-vips: x86_64:and libvip Interface PHP extend
php74-php-pecl-wddx: Web Distributed Data Exchange
php74-php-pecl-yaml: x86_64: yaml Of PHP binding
php74-php-phpiredis: x86_64: Redis Client extension
php74-php-smbclient: libsmbclient Of PHP Packing
php74-php-wkhtmltox: HTML Converter
php74-php-pecl-cmark: CommonMark Extension
php74-php-pecl-dbase: dBase Database File Access Functions
php74-php-pecl-druid: One PHP Druid Driver for
php74-php-pecl-event: provide libevent Library's interface
php74-php-pecl-geoip: take IP Geographic location of the extension to which the address is mapped
php74-php-pecl-gnupg: x86_64: gpgme Packaging of Library
php74-php-pecl-mysql: MySQL Database Access Functions
php74-php-pecl-oauth: PHP OAuth Consumer Expansion
php74-php-pecl-parle: x86_64:Parsing and Lexical Analysis
php74-php-pecl-raphf: Resource and Persistent Handle Factory
php74-php-pecl-solr2: Apache Solr Of API Oriented Objects
php74-php-pecl-stats: Routines for statistical calculations
php74-php-pecl-stomp: Stomp Client Extension
php74-php-pecl-taint: x86_64: XSS Code sniffer
php74-php-pecl-xattr: Extended Properties
php74-php-pecl-xdiff: File Differences/patch
php74-php-pecl-xxtea: XXTEA Encryption algorithm extension PHP
php74-php-libvirt-doc: noarch: php-libvirt file
php74-php-pecl-base58: use base58 Encoding and decoding data
php74-php-pecl-bitset: Bit Set Library
php74-php-pecl-crypto: OpenSSL Wrapper for password Libraries
php74-php-pecl-gender: x86_64:Gender Expansion
php74-php-pecl-hprose: Be used for PHP Of h Prose
php74-php-pecl-hrtime: x86_64:High resolution timing
php74-php-pecl-mcrypt: x86_64: libmcrypt Binding of Libraries
php74-php-pecl-pdflib: generate PDF Package of files
php74-php-pecl-propro: Property Agent
php74-php-pecl-radius: Radius Client Library
php74-php-pecl-redis4: Extensions Redis Key Value Storage
php74-php-pecl-redis5: Extensions Redis Key Value Storage
php74-php-pecl-scrypt: Scrypt Hash function
php74-php-pecl-sphinx: Sphinx SQL Full-text PECL Extended Search Engine
php74-php-pecl-ssdeep: libfuzzy Packager for Library
php74-php-pecl-trader: Provide technical analysis for traders
php74-php-pecl-xdebug: For debugging PHP Scripted PECL package
php74-php-pecl-xhprof: x86_64: XHProf Of PHP Extension, Hierarchy Analyzer
php74-php-pecl-yaconf: x86_64:Another Configuration Container
php74-php-pecl-apcu-bc: APCu Backward compatibility module
php74-php-pecl-decimal: Any precision floating-point decimal
php74-php-pecl-gearman: PHP Packager to libgearman
php74-php-pecl-gmagick: Wrapper for GraphicsMagick library
php74-php-pecl-imagick: x86_64:Extended use for creating and modifying images ImageMagick
php74-php-pecl-inotify: x86_64: Inotify
php74-php-pecl-leveldb: LevelDB PHP binding
php74-php-pecl-memprof: x86_64:Memory Usage Analyzer
php74-php-pecl-mongodb: x86_64:Be used for PHP Of MongoDB Driver
php74-php-pecl-msgpack: Used with MessagePack Communicating API serialize
php74-php-pecl-rdkafka: Be based on librdkafka Of Kafka Client
php74-php-pecl-rpminfo: x86_64: RPM information
php74-php-pecl-runkit7: For these you...Should not...I've been doing it anyway...But certainly!
php74-php-pecl-seaslog: An effective, fast, and stable log PHP extend
php74-php-pecl-selinux: Be used for PHP Scripted SELinux Binding Language
php74-php-pecl-swoole4: PHP Asynchronous Concurrent Distributed Network Framework for
php74-php-pecl-timecop: x86_64:Time travel and freeze expansion
php74-php-pecl-varnish: Varnish Cache Binding
php74-php-pecl-xmldiff: x86_64: XML Differences and Merges
php74-php-pecl-igbinary: x86_64:Substitution Criteria PHP Serializer
php74-php-pecl-memcache: x86_64:Use Memcached Extended Cache Daemon
php74-php-pecl-mogilefs: To communicate with PHP Client Library MogileFS storage
php74-php-pecl-mustache: Mustache Template Language
php74-php-pecl-protobuf: Serialize structured mechanism data
php74-php-pecl-rdkafka4: Be based on librdkafka Of Kafka Client
php74-php-pecl-scoutapm: Local Extension Components ScoutAPM Of PHP agent
php74-php-pecl-translit: Set Transliteration of Non-Latin Characters to Latin
php74-php-snuffleupagus: x86_64: PHP Security module
php74-php-zephir-parser: x86_64: Zephir Parser Extension
php74-php-pecl-cassandra: Be used for Apache Of DataStax PHP Driver Cassandra
php74-php-pecl-json-post: JSON POST processing program
php74-php-pecl-mailparse: For resolving sums PHP PECL Package Processing E-mail Messages
php74-php-pecl-memcached: x86_64:Use Memcached Extended Cache Daemon
php74-php-pecl-mosquitto: libmosquito - to Extension
php74-php-pecl-seasclick: One Yandex ClickHouse Client Driver PHP extend
php74-php-pecl-xlswriter: An efficient, fast xlsx File export extension
php74-php-horde-horde-lz4: Horde LZ4 Compression Expansion
php74-php-pecl-apcu-devel: APCu Developer Files(header file)
php74-php-pecl-couchbase2: Couchbase The server PHP extend
php74-php-pecl-geospatial: PHP Extend to handle public geospatial functionality
php74-php-pecl-handlebars: Handlebars Template Language
php74-php-pecl-http-devel: x86_64:extend HTTP Support Developer Files(head)
php74-php-pecl-krb5-devel: Kerberos Extend Developer Files(head)
php74-php-pecl-luasandbox: With restrictions and security Lua Interpreter environment
php74-php-pecl-opencensus: One stats Collection and Distributed Tracking Framework
php74-php-pecl-skywalking: x86_64: Apache Of PHP Tool agent footbridge
php74-php-pecl-ahocorasick: Effective Aho-Corasick String pattern matching algorithm
php74-php-pecl-ip2location: Obtain an Geographic location information IP address
php74-php-pecl-http-message: x86_64: PSR-7 HTTP Message implementation
php74-php-pecl-datadog-trace: APM And distributed tracking PHP
php74-php-pecl-hdr-histogram: x86_64: C Language PHP Expanded Packaging hdrhistogram API
php74-php-pecl-imagick-devel: imagick Extend Developer Files(head)
php74-php-pecl-msgpack-devel: MessagePack Developer Files(head)
php74-php-pecl-mysql-xdevapi: MySQL Database Access Functions
php74-php-pecl-mysqlnd-azure: x86_64: mysqlnd Redirectional Plugin
php74-php-pecl-igbinary-devel: Igbinary Developer Files(head)
php74-php-pecl-uploadprogress: x86_64:Extended file upload to track progress


# Run once
yum install php74-php 


Install additional packages using the following commands

yum search php74*
yum install php74-xxx


Run and view versions, restart commands, add autostart, link php files

#Run and view versions
php74 -v
#Restart Command php-fpm systemctl restart php74
#Add Autostart systemctl enable php74
#View the installation path for php7.4
whereis php #link php file ln
-s /opt/remi/php74/root/usr/bin/php /usr/bin/php


Paths to some profiles

# The current PHP memory limit is below the recommended value of 512MB.
vi /etc/opt/remi/php74/php.ini
memory_limit = 512M

#If you are running nginx Instead of apache,modify
vi /etc/opt/remi/php74/php-fpm.d/www.conf
user = apache
group = apache
# Replace the values with
user = nginx
group = nginx


Uninstall all php7.4

yum remove php74-php*




2. Compile and install PHP and the basic extension libraries needed (php7.4)

Reference website:

Download php source

With php's official website, there are many sources, which version you want to select yourself

#Back to User Directory
cd ~
#download php7.4 Source code

Download complete

Basic commands and examples for decompressing text

# Move it to usr/local File operation, my personal habits
mv php-7.4.2.tar.bz2 /usr/local/php-7.4.2.tar.bz2
# Switch File Directory
cd /usr/local/ # Unzip File tar
--bzip -xvf /usr/local/php-7.4.2.tar.bz2
# Switch File Directory
cd php-7.4.2

Install compilation tools and libraries

Install php's dependent libraries and install compiled tools, either installed or not

yum -y install gcc gcc-c++
yum -y install libxml2-devel openssl-devel curl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel libicu-devel freetype-devel openldap-devel openldap openldap-devel


Create user groups and users

groupadd www
useradd -g www www

Some parameters and significance of PHP. /configure

Meaning of PHP compilation parameters


- prefix=/usr/local/php PHP installation directory
 - with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php/etc Specifies php.ini location
 - with-MySQL=/usr/local/mysql MySQL installation directory, support for MySQL
 - with-mysqli=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config mysqli file directory, optimization support
 - enable-safe-mode turns on security mode
 - enable-ftp opens FTP support
 - enable-zip opens support for zip
 - with-bz2 to open support for bz2 files                        
- with-jpeg-dir opens support for JPEG pictures
 - with-png-dir opens support for PNG pictures
 - with-freetype-dir opens support for freetype font Libraries
 - without-iconv closes the iconv function, converting between character sets
 - with-libxml-dir to open support for libxml2 Libraries
 - with-xml RPC opens the C language of xml-rpc
 - with-zlib-dir support for opening zlib Libraries
 - support for opening GD libraries with-gd
 - enable-gd-native-ttf supports the TrueType string function library
 - with-curl Open support for curl browsing tools
 - with-curlwrappers uses curl tools to open url streams
 - with-ttf opens support for freetype1. * without adding
 - with-xsl opens XSLT file support, extends libxml2 library, requires libxslt software
 - with-gettext Open gnu's gettexts support, used by the encoding Library
 - with-pear opens support for the pear command, which is used by php extensions
 - enable-calendar opens calendar extension
 - enable-mbstring multi-byte, string support
 - enable-bcmath turns on picture resizing, this module is used for zabbix monitoring
 - enable-sockets turn on sockets support
 - Metadata support for enable-exif pictures
 - Support for enable-magic-quotes magic references
 - disable-rpath closes additional runtime files
 - disable-debug turns off debugging mode
 - with-mime-magic=/usr/share/file/magic.mime magic header file location

Parameters for cgi installation
 - enable-fpm php-fpm patch before this parameter, cgi installed startup program
 - enable-fastcgi supports fastcgi way to start php
 - enable-force-cgi-redirect Same as above, no explanation in the help
 - with-ncurses Dynamic Library that supports ncurses screen drawing and graphical interaction based on text terminals
 - enable-pcntl free TDS is required, probably by linking mssql

Extensions to mhash and mcrypt algorithms
 - with-mcrypt algorithm
 - with-mhash algorithm

 - with-openssl OpenSSL support for encrypted transmissions
 - with-pcre-dir=/usr/local/bin/pcre-config Perl regular library installation location
 - with-gdbm dba's gdbm support
 - enable-zend-multibyte supports zend's multibytes

Complete list of PHP configuration options
 Database Options
 --with-dbplus Includes support for dbplus.
--with-adabas[=DIR]] Includes support for Adabas D.DIR is the basic installation directory for Adabas, defaulting to /usr/local.
--with-sapdb[=DIR]] Includes support for SAP DB.DIR is the basic installation directory for SAP DB, defaulting to /usr/local.
--with-solid[=DIR]] Includes Solid support.DIR is Solid's basic installation directory, defaulting to/usr/local/solid.
--with-ibm-db2[=DIR]] Includes IBM DB2 support.DIR is the basic installation directory for DB2, defaulting to / home/db2inst1/sqllib.
--with-empress[=DIR]] Includes support for Empress.DIR is the basic installation directory for Empress and defaults to $EMPRESSPATH.Beginning with PHP4, this option only supports Empress 8.60 and above.
--with-empress-bcs[=DIR]] Includes support for Empress Local Access.DIR is the basic installation directory for Empress and defaults to $EMPRESSPATH.Beginning with PHP4, this option only supports Empress 8.60 and above.
--with-birdstep[=DIR]] Includes support for Birdstep.DIR is the basic installation directory for Birdstep, defaulting to /usr/local/birdstep.
--with-custom-odbc[=DIR]] Includes support for user-defined ODBC.DIR is the basic installation directory of ODBC, defaulting to / usr/local.To confirm that CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS is defined and that there is an odbc.h in the include directory.For example, for Sybase SQLAnywhere 5.5.00 under QNX, the following environment variables should be defined before running the configure script: CPPFLAGS="-DODBC_QNX-DSQLANY_BUG" LDFLAGS=-lunix CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS="-ldblib-lodbc".
--with-iodbc[=DIR]] Includes iODBC support.DIR is the basic installation directory of iODBC, defaulting to / usr/local.
--with-esoob[=DIR]] Includes support for Easysoft OOB.DIR is the basic installation directory of OOB, defaulting to / usr/local/easysoft/oob/client.
--with-unixODBC[=DIR]] Includes support for unixODBC.DIR is the basic installation directory for unixODBC, defaulting to /usr/local.
--with-openlink[=DIR]] Includes support for OpenLink ODBC.DIR is the basic installation directory for OpenLink and defaults to / usr/local.This is the same as iODBC.
--with-dbmaker[=DIR]] Includes support for DBMaker.DIR is the basic installation directory for DBMaker and defaults to the directory installed for the latest version of DBMaker (for example, /home/dbmaker/3.6).
--disable-unified-odbc Remove support for unified ODBC.Applicable only to activated iODBC, Adabas, Solid, Velocis or user-defined ODBC interfaces.Only for PHP 3!

Image Options
 --without-gd. Disable GD support.For PHP 3 only!
--with-imagick The Imagick extension has been moved to PECL in PEAR and can be found here.Installation instructions in PHP 4 can be found at the PEAR site.Only--with-imagick is supported in PHP 3 unless you follow the instructions of the PEAR site.
--with-ming[=DIR]] Includes min support.

Miscellaneous Options
 --enable-force-cgi-redirect Activates security checks for internal redirections within the server.This option should be used if PHP is used CGI in Apache.
--enable-discard-path This option allows PHP's CGI executables to be safely placed outside the web directory tree, and no one else can bypass the security settings for.htaccess.
--with-fastcgi Compiles PHP into a FastCGI application.
--enable-debug Add debug symbols at compile time.
--with-layout=TYPE) Sets the file layout after installation.TYPE can be PHP (default) or GNU.
--with-pear=DIR. Install PEAR in the DIR directory (default is PREFIX/lib/php).
--without-pear. PEAR is not installed.
--enable-sigchild Activate PHP's own SIGCHILD handle.
--disable-rpath -- Disables the delivery of additional runtime library search paths.
--enable-libgcc] Activate an explicit libgcc connection.
--enable-php-streams -- PHP stream containing tests.Do not use unless you are testing the source code!
--with-zlib-dir=<DIR> Defines the installation path for zlib.
--with-aspell[=DIR]] Contains ASPELL support.
--with-ccvs[=DIR]] Contains CCVS support.
--with-cybercash[=DIR]] Contains CyberCash support.DIR is the installation directory of CyberCash MCK.
--with-icap[=DIR]] Contains ICAP support.
--with-ircg-config The path to the ircg-config script.
--with-ircg Contains ircg support.
--enable-mailparse Contains mailparse support.
--with-muscat[=DIR]] Includes Muscat support.
--with-satellite[=DIR]] Activates CORBA support through Satellite (experimental nature).DIR is the ORBit home directory.
--enable-trans-sid) Activates transparent session id propagation.
--with-regex[=TYPE]] Use the system regex library (disapproved).
--with-vpopmail[=DIR]] contains vpopmail support.
--with-tsrm-pthreads. Use POSIX-ray range (default).
--enable-shared[=PKGS] Compile shared library [default=yes].
--enable-static[=PKGS] Compile static library [default=yes].
--enable-fast-install[=PKGS]] Optimized for fast installation [default=yes].
--with-gnu-ld"Assumes that the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no].
--disable-libtool-lock] Avoid locks (which may break parallel compilation).
--with-pic Attempt to use only PIC/non-PIC objects [default=use both].
--enable-memory-limit Add memory restriction support at compile time.
--disable-url-fopen-wrapper Prohibits fopen wrapper s through URLs and cannot access files over HTTP or FTP.
--enable-versioning Outputs only the symbols needed.See the INSTALL file for more information.
--with-imsp[=DIR]] Contains IMSp support (DIR is the IMSP include directory and libimsp.a directory).For PHP 3 only!
--with-mck[=DIR]] Contains Cybercash MCK support.DIR is the Cybercash MCK compilation directory, defaulting to / usr/src/mck- extra/cyberlib for help.For PHP 3 only!
--with-mod-dav=DIR Contains DAV support through Apache's mod_dav.DIR is the installation directory for mod_dav (Apache module version only!)For PHP 3 only!
--enable-debugger compiles into remote debugging functions.For PHP 3 only!
--enable-versioning takes advantage of version control and scope provided by Solaris 2.x and Linux.For PHP 3 only!

PHP Options
 --enable-maintainer-mode activation puts Compilation Rules and unused (and some confused) dependent files into a temporary installation.
--with-config-file-path=PATH Sets the path where php.ini is located, defaulting to PREFIX/lib.
--enable-safe-mode Default activation of safe mode.
--with-exec-dir[=DIR]] Only programs in this directory are allowed to execute in secure mode.The default is/usr/local/php/bin.
--enable-magic-quotes Default activation magic quotes.
--disable-short-tags Defau lt prohibit abbreviated PHP start tags<?.

Server Options
 --with-aolserver=DIR Specifies the path to the installed AOLserver.
--with-apxs[=FILE]] Compile shared Apache modules.FILE is the path to the optional Apache's apxs tool, defaulting to apxs.Ensure that the specified apxs version is the installed file and not the Apache source package.
--with-apache[=DIR]] Compile the Apache module.DIR is the highest level directory of Apache source programs.The default is/usr/local/apache.
--with-mod_charset Activates the delivery table in mod_charset (in Apache).
--with-apxs2[=FILE] -- Compile shared Apache 2.0 modules.FILE is the path to the optional Apache's apxs tool, defaulting to apxs.
--with-fhttpd[=DIR]] Compile the fhttpd module.DIR is the source code path of fhttpd, defaulting to/usr/local/src/fhttpd.
--with-isapi=DIR Compiles PHP as an ISAPI module for Zeus.
--with-nsapi=DIR Specifies the installed Netscape server path.
 --with-pi3web=DIR Compiles PHP as a module for Pi3Web.
--with-roxen=DIR Compiles PHP into a Pike module.DIR is the root directory of Roxen, usually / usr/local/roxen/server.
--enable-roxen-zts Compile the Roxen module using Zend Thread Safety.
--with-servlet[=DIR]] Contains servlet support.DIR is the basic installation directory for JSDK.This SAPI requires that Java extensions must be compiled as shared dl s.
--with-thttpd=SRCDIR -- Compiles PHP as a thttpd module.
--with-tux=MODULEDIR -- Compiles PHP as a TUX module (Linux only).

Configure fpm user groups and users, and install other extensions


./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php \
--enable-fpm \
--with-fpm-user=www \
--with-fpm-group=www \
--enable-mysqlnd \
--with-mysqli=mysqlnd \
--with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd \
--enable-mysqlnd-compression-support \
--with-iconv-dir \
--with-freetype-dir \
--with-jpeg-dir \
--with-png-dir \
--with-zlib \
--with-libxml-dir \
--enable-xml \
--disable-rpath \
--enable-bcmath \
--enable-shmop \
--enable-sysvsem \
--enable-inline-optimization \
--with-curl \
--enable-mbregex \
--enable-mbstring \
--enable-intl \
--with-mcrypt \
--with-libmbfl \
--enable-ftp \
--with-gd \
--enable-gd-jis-conv \
--enable-gd-native-ttf \
--with-openssl \
--with-mhash \
--enable-pcntl \
--enable-sockets \
--with-xmlrpc \
--enable-zip \
--enable-soap \
--with-gettext \
--disable-fileinfo \
--enable-opcache \
--with-pear \
--enable-maintainer-zts \
--with-ldap=shared \

Start checking dependencies and preparing for compilation


There are usually errors:

Error 1:

Solution: Without this sqlite3 package, we will install it

yum install sqlite-devel


Error 2:

Solution: It says we won't find this folder, so we'll give it one

cp -frp /usr/lib64/libldap* /usr/lib/


Error 3:

Solution: Without this oniguruma package, we will install it

yum install oniguruma

No, check the official update log and find that mbsting requires oniguruma6.9.4

 Basic users and instances of git, the differences between GIT and github

#from github Download source code in
git clone

#Official Installation Steps     possibly undefined macro: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE    Need to start #autoreconf  install
#To delete Pre-Ann's
yum remove onigurma*
cd oniguruma/ autoreconf -vfi ./configure make make install



Run. /configure, directly showing the following figure


Compile Installation (Installation takes a while)

make && make install


Mapping Global Commands

ln -s /usr/local/php/sbin/* /usr/local/sbin/
ln -s /usr/local/php/bin/* /usr/local/bin/

Enter php-v and the following figure appears, which makes the installation successful


Delete php7.4

rm -rf /usr/local/php /bin/php /usr/local/sbin/php-fpm /usr/local/bin/php /usr/local/bin/pear /usr/local/bin/peardev /usr/local/bin/pecl /usr/local/bin/phar /usr/local/bin/phar.phar /usr/local/bin/php-cgi /usr/local/bin/php-config /usr/local/bin/phpdbg /usr/local/bin/phpize


3.LNMP (One Click Installation Package) Installation Only (php7.4)

Reference Web Site

Official website found a version of php7.4. It was lnmp1.7 that started to support php7.4, but it was not a stable version. It is recommended to use a stable version if it is for production or production environments.

# decompression
tar -zxvf
cd lnmp1.7

Enter 0 without installing DataBase

Enter 10 to install php7.4

You can choose not to install, Jemalloc or TCmalloc, enter the corresponding sequence number to return, direct return defaults to not install

The script will automatically download and install php7.4



LNMP-related software installation directory

Nginx directory: /usr/local/nginx/
MySQL directory: /usr/local/mysql/
The directory where the MySQL database is located: /usr/local/mysql/var/
MariaDB directory: /usr/local/mariadb/
Directory where MariaDB database is located: /usr/local/mariadb/var/
PHP directory: /usr/local/php/
Multi-PHP Version Directory: /usr/local/php5.5/Other Version 5.5 Version number before other version can be changed to other
 PHPMyAdmin directory: Version 0.9 is/home/wwwroot/phpmyadmin/1.0 and later is/home/wwwroot/default/phpmyadmin/It is strongly recommended that this directory be renamed to a name that is not easily guessed.PhpMyAdmin can download new replacements from its own website.
Default site directory: version 0.9 is/home/wwwroot/ 1.0 and later is/home/wwroot/default/
Nginx log directory: /home/wwlogs/
/root/ added virtual host configuration file directory: /usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost/
PureFtpd directory: /usr/local/pureftpd/
PureFtpd web administration directory: version 0.9 is/home/wwwroot/default/ftp/ version 1.0 is/home/wwwroot/default/ftp/
Proftpd directory: /usr/local/proftpd/
Redis directory: /usr/local/redis/


LNMP Related Profile Location

Nginx master configuration (default virtual host) file: /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf
 Added virtual host profile: /usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost/domain name.conf
 MySQL configuration file: /etc/my.cnf
 PHP Profile: /usr/local/php/etc/php.ini
 Php-fpm configuration file: /usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.conf
 PureFtpd configuration file: /usr/local/pure ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf 1.3 and later: /usr/local/pure ftpd/etc/pure-ftpd.conf
 PureFtpd MySQL configuration file: /usr/local/pureftpd/pureftpd-mysql.conf
 Proftpd Profile: /usr/local/proftpd/etc/proftpd.conf 1.2 and previous versions are/usr/local/proftpd/proftpd.conf
 Proftpd user profile: /usr/local/proftpd/etc/vhost/user name.conf
 Redis configuration file: /usr/local/redis/etc/redis.conf


LNMPA Related Catalog File Location

Apache directory: /usr/local/apache/
Apache configuration file: /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
 Apache Virtual Host Profile Directory: /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/
Apache default virtual host configuration file: /usr/local/apache/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf
 Virtual Host Profile Name: /usr/local/apache/conf/vhost/domain name.conf


LNMP State Management Command:
LNMP 1.2+ State Management: lnmp {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
LNMP 1.2+ Individual Program State Management: lnmp {nginx|mysql|mariadb|php-fpm|pureftpd} {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
LNMP 1.1 State Management: /root/lnmp {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
Nginx state management: /etc/init.d/nginx {start|stop|reload|restart}
MySQL state management: /etc/init.d/mysql {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload|status}
Memcached state management: /etc/init.d/memcached {start|stop|restart}
PHP-FPM status management: /etc/init.d/php-fpm {start|stop|quit|restart|reload|logrotate}
PureFTPd status management: /etc/init.d/pureftpd {start|stop|restart|kill|status}
ProFTPd status management: /etc/init.d/proftpd {start|stop|restart|reload}
Redis state management: /etc/init.d/redis {start|stop|restart|kill}

Multi-PHP Version Status Management: /etc/init.d/php-fpm5.5 {start|stop|quit|restart|reload|logrotate} The first 5.5 are the corresponding PHP versions, and other versions will replace themselves.
If you restart LNMP, 1.2+enter the command: lnmp restart; restart mysql:/etc/init.d/mysql restart alone can also lnmp mysql restart, both of which are the same.

LNMPA State Management Command:

LNMPA 1.2+ State Management: lnmp {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
LNMPA 1.2+ Individual Program State Management: lnmp {httpd|mysql|mariadb|pureftpd} {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
LNMPA1.1 State Management: /root/lnmpa {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
Nginx state management: /etc/init.d/nginx {start|stop|reload|restart}
MySQL state management: /etc/init.d/mysql {start|stop|restart|reload|force-reload|status}
Memcached state management: /etc/init.d/memcached {start|stop|restart}
PureFTPd status management: /etc/init.d/pureftpd {start|stop|restart|kill|status}
ProFTPd status management: /etc/init.d/proftpd {start|stop|restart|reload}
Apache state management: /etc/init.d/httpd {start|stop|restart|graceful|graceful-stop|configtest|status}

LAMP Status Management Command:
LAMP 1.2+ State Management: lnmp {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}
LAMP 1.2+ individual program state management: lnmp {httpd|mysql|mariadb|pureftpd} {start|stop|reload|restart|kill|status}

































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