python learning notes mimic qq online chat tool

Keywords: socket network


Based on the knowledge of process and thread learned before, and the principles of network communication tcp and udp, you can write a small program that mimics qq.

1. Operating Interface: (Simple, you can change the style according to your own requirements)

1. Server interface:


2. Client Interface


3. Start the server first: (port number is set by itself)

4. Start client connection to server

Enter information, click and log in

At this point, the host connected to the server can be seen on the console of the server:

5. Restart the two hosts to connect to the server in the same way:

7. Communication can be realized by inputting data in input box and sender.

2. Code implementation:

1. Server:

import tkinter
import socket
import threading

win = tkinter.Tk()
win.title("Chat Server")

users = {}

def run(ck,ca):
	UserName = ck.recv(1024)
	users[UserName.decode("utf-8")] = ck

	while  True:
		rData = ck.recv(1024)
		dataStr = rData.decode("utf-8")
		infolist = dataStr.split(":")

def start():
	ipStr = eip.get()
	portStr = eport.get()
	# Create a socket
	server = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
	# Binding IP and Port
	server.bind((ipStr, int(portStr)))
	# Monitor
	printStr ="Server Start Successfully"
	text.insert(tkinter.INSERT, printStr)
	while True:
		# Waiting for links
		ck, ca = server.accept()
		# Print ("% s -% s link succeeded" (str (client Socket), client Address))
		t = threading.Thread(target=run, args=(ck, ca))

def startServer():
	s = threading.Thread(target=start)

labelIP = tkinter.Label(win,text="ip" ).grid(row=0,column=0)
labelPort = tkinter.Label(win,text="port" ).grid(row=1,column=0)

eip = tkinter.Variable()
eport = tkinter.Variable()
entryIP = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=eip).grid(row=0,column=1)
entryPort = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=eport).grid(row=1,column=1)
button = tkinter.Button(win,text="start-up",command=startServer).grid(row=4,column=1)
text = tkinter.Text(win,width=30,height=1)

2. Client:

import tkinter
import socket
import threading

win = tkinter.Tk()

ck = None

def getInfo():
	while True:
		data = ck.recv(1024)

#Sign in
def login():
	global ck
	#Get ip
	ipStr = eIP.get()

	#Get the port value
	portStr = eport.get()

	#Getting the Send Content
	userStr = euser.get()

	#Connecting servers
	client = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
	client.connect((ipStr, int(portStr)))
	ck = client

	#Waiting to receive data
	t = threading.Thread(target=getInfo)
	text.insert(tkinter.INSERT,userStr+"Enter the chat room")

#Send message
def sendMessage():
	friend = efriend.get()
	sendStr = esend.get()
	sendStr = friend + ":" +sendStr


labelUser = tkinter.Label(win,text="UserName" ).grid(row=0,column=0)
euser = tkinter.Variable()
entryUser = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=euser).grid(row=0,column=1)

labelIP = tkinter.Label(win,text="ip" ).grid(row=1,column=0)
eIP = tkinter.Variable()
entryIP = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=eIP).grid(row=1,column=1)

labelPort = tkinter.Label(win,text="port" ).grid(row=2,column=0)
eport = tkinter.Variable()
entryPort = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=eport).grid(row=2,column=1)

button = tkinter.Button(win,text="Sign in",command=login).grid(row=3,column=1)

text = tkinter.Text(win,width=30,height=5)

labelsend= tkinter.Label(win,text="Please enter the sending content" ).grid(row=6,column=0)
esend = tkinter.Variable()
entrySend = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=esend).grid(row=6,column=1)

labelfriend = tkinter.Label(win,text="Please enter the sending address" ).grid(row=7,column=0)
efriend= tkinter.Variable()
entryFriend = tkinter.Entry(win,textvariable=efriend).grid(row=7,column=1)
button2 = tkinter.Button(win,text="Send out",command=sendMessage).grid(row=8,column=1)



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