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1 briefly

There are three application scenarios for drawing text:

  • Case 1: specify where the text starts
  1. Specifies the text baseline location
  2. Baseline x defaults to the left of the string, and baseline y defaults to the bottom of the string
  • Case 2: specify the location of each text
  • Case 3: specify a path and draw text based on the path

Here are the details:

The style of the text (size, color, font, etc.) is controlled by the paintbrush Paint. For details, please refer to the basic introduction above

2 draw

2.1 specify where the text starts

//Draw from point (300400)
        // Draw only part of text
        // Parameter start, end: Specifies the position where the text is drawn
        // Location is marked as follows, starting from 0
        //public void drawText (String text, int start, int end, float x, float y, Paint paint)
        //public void drawText (CharSequence text, int start, int end, float x, float y, Paint paint)

        // For character array char []
        // Use index and count to intercept text
        //public void drawText (char[] text, int index, int count, float x, float y, Paint paint)

        // Example: draw text from positions 1-3

        // Character array situation
        // Character array (what to draw)
        char[] chars = "abcdefg".toCharArray();

        // Parameter is (character array start coordinate intercept length baseline x baseline y brush)
        // The same result.

2.2 specify the location of the text respectively

Usage function

// Parameter text: drawn text
// Parameter pos: array type, where each character is stored (coordinates)
// Note: all character positions must be specified
 public void drawPosText (String text, float[] pos, Paint paint)

// For character array char [], part of the text can be intercepted for drawing
// Use index and count to intercept text
    public void drawPosText (char[] text, int index, int count, float[] pos, Paint paint)

// Special attention:
// 1. When the number of characters is large, using it will lead to a jam
// 2. Special characters such as emoji, font combination and decomposition are not supported


        // Example
        canvas.drawPosText("abcde", new float[]{
                100, 100,    // First character position
                200, 200,    // Second character position
                300, 300,    // ...
                400, 400,
                500, 500
        }, mPaint);

    // Array situation (drawing partial text)
        char[] chars = "abcdefg".toCharArray();

        canvas.drawPosText(chars, 1, 3, new float[]{
                300, 300,    // First character position specified
                400, 400,    // Specified second character position
                500, 500,    // Specified third character position

        }, mPaint);


2.3 specify the path and draw text according to the path

        // In the path (54075064045084000), write "drawing pictures can be divided into drawing picture and drawing bitmap"
        // 1. Create the path object. Of course, this should be created in the initialization function
        Path path = new Path();
        // 2. Set path path
        path.cubicTo(540, 750, 640, 450, 840, 600);
        // 3. painting path
        // 4. Words drawn on the path
        canvas.drawTextOnPath("Drawing picture is divided into: drawing vector map( drawPicture)And drawing bitmaps( drawBitmap)", path, 50, 0, mPaint);


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