Precautions for RHEL7 installation of 11204 RAC

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Recently, many pits were encountered in the test of a customer's RHEL7 + 11204 RAC environment. Fortunately, they were found and handled in time before the official launch.
Two of the problems are typical, so it is specially recorded that the problems are not caused by the self startup of O-related services after the host restarts. It seems that after RHEL7 installs 11204RAC, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the O-related services can self start after the host restarts, and the root cause of this phenomenon is the change of RHEL7's service management mechanism.

1. After the host is restarted, ohad will not start automatically

Before, I had a set of test environment that also had this problem. Unfortunately, I didn't think the test environment I used was very deep. Every time I restart the host, I started 'nohup / etc / init. D' manually according to the configuration in '/ etc/inittab'/ init.ohasd run >/dev/null 2>&1
  • Install of Clusterware fails while running on OL7 - ohasd fails to start (Doc ID 1959008.1)
  • Fundamental solution:
    MOS offers:

    Because Oracle Linux 7 (and Redhat 7) use systemd rather than initd for starting/restarting processes and runs them as a service the current > software install of both & will not succeed because the ohasd process does not start properly.

    In OL7 it needs to be set up as a service and patch fix for Bug 18370031 needs to be applied for this , BEFORE you run when prompted .
    Need to apply the patch 18370031 for .

    You can also configure the ohad service to start automatically by adding services manually:
    cat /etc/systemd/system/oracle-ohasd.service

    # Copyright (c) 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
    # Oracle OHASD startup
    Description=Oracle High Availability Services
    ExecStart=/etc/init.d/init.ohasd run >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null

    File permissions are recommended to be 750, then start the service:

    systemctl enable oracle-ohasd.service

    What I'm using here is to add services directly by hand.

    2. After the host restarts, acfsload will not start automatically

    There is also a problem that the file system of acfs cluster is automatically mounted. Similarly, after the host restarts, the corresponding acfs cannot be automatically mounted, but only the cluster can be restarted. It indicates that the problem is still the os restart. There are related services in acfs that are not started successfully. After troubleshooting, it is found that acfsload is not started automatically. After using 'acfsload start' to start manually, it can be mounted normally. Although it can be handled manually, it still does not meet the requirements of automatic mount. Finally, acfsload can be started automatically after the host is restarted by configuring the service self start mode.

    Fundamental solution:
    Manually add service and configure service self startup:
    cat /etc/systemd/system/oracle-acfsload.service

    # Oracle ACFS Drivers
    Description=Load ACFS Drivers during boot oracle-ohasd.service
    ExecStart=<GRID_HOME>/bin/acfsload start -s >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null

    Note < grid_ Home > is modified to your own actual environment. For example, here I am / opt/app/11.2.0/grid. The file permission is recommended to be 750. Then start the service:

    systemctl enable oracle-acfsload.service

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