Logu P1043 Numeric Game

Keywords: C++

Title Description

Ding Ding has recently become addicted to a digital game.The game seems simple, but after many days of research, Tintin finds that it is not easy to win under simple rules.The game is like this, there is a circle of integers (n in total) in front of you, you want to divide them into m parts in order, the numbers in each part are added together, the m results of the addition are modeled after 10, then multiplied, and finally you get a number k.The game requires that you get the maximum or minimum k.

For example, for the following circle of numbers (n=4, m=2):

When minimum value is required, ((2-1) mod 10) ((4+3) mod 10)=1*7=7, when maximum value is required, ((2+4+3) mod 10) (-1 mod 10)=9*9=81.It is particularly noteworthy that the result of modelling 10 is non-negative whether negative or positive.

Tintin asked you to write a program to help him win the game.

Input and Output Formats

Input format:


The first line of the input file has two integers, n (1 < n < 50) and m (1 < m < 9).Each of the following n rows has an integer with an absolute value of no more than 104. The numbers in the circle are given in sequence, beginning and ending.


Output format:


The output file has two lines, each containing a non-negative integer.The first line is the minimum value your program gets, and the second line is the maximum value.


Input and Output Samples

Input Sample #1:copy
4 2
Output Sample #1:copy


$DpMin[i][j][k]$represents the minimum of $k$times cut from $i$to $j$

$DpMax$for maximum

Enumerate breakpoints when transferring

Multiplication of left and right sides


using namespace std;
const int MAXN=2001;
const int INF=0x7fffff;
inline char nc()
    static char buf[MAXN],*p1=buf,*p2=buf;
    return p1==p2&&(p2=(p1=buf)+fread(buf,1,MAXN,stdin),p1==p2)?EOF:*p1++;
inline int read()
    char c=nc();int x=0,f=1;
    return x*f;
int DpMin[101][101][11];
int DpMax[101][101][11];
int a[MAXN];
int Query(int a)
    return ((a%10)+10)%10;
int main()
    #ifdef WIN32
    int n=read(),m=read();
    for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)   a[i]=read(),a[i+n]=a[i];
    for(int i=1;i<=2*n;i++) a[i]+=a[i-1];
    for(int l=1;l<=2*n;l++)
      for(int r=l;r<=2*n;r++)
    for(int i=2;i<=m;i++)
      for(int l=1;l<=2*n;l++)
        for(int r=l+i-1;r<=2*n;r++)
    for(int i=2;i<=m;i++)//Already cut k second
        for(int l=1;l<=2*n;l++)
            for(int r=l+i-1;r<=2*n;r++)
                for(int k=l+i-2;k<r;k++)
    int AnsMax=0,AnsMin=INF;
    for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)
    return 0;


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