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Store data
localStorage.setItem("name","Amy") //Store the variable with name and Amy
localStorage.name = "Amy"; // Equivalent to the above command
localStorage // Storage{name: "Amy", length: 1} read data
Read data
localStorage.getItem("name") //Amy, read the value of the variable named name stored in the localStorage object
localStorage.name // "Amy"
localStorage.valueOf() //Read all data stored on localStorage
localStorage.key(0) // Read the variable name (key value) of the first data
//Traverse and output the name and value stored in localStorage
i=0; i<localStorage.length;i++){
  console.log('localStorage No'+i+'The name of the data is:'+localStorage.key(i)+',The value is:'+localStorage.getItem(localStorage.key(i)));
So, it's equivalent to having a variable on localstorage or clicking a parameter later. If you simply make localstorage equal to a variable, it's not saved on it
Combined with the concrete use of react project
import React, { Component } from 'react';
var storage=window.localStorage;
class Login extends Component{
          userName:"", //User name
          password:""  //Password
    //Request interface
          window.location.href="#/admin/home "/ / click to jump to the component
         storage.token = res.data.result.token;
         axios.interceptors.request.use(function (config) {
          config.withCredentials = true
          config.headers = {
              token : storage.token
          return config;
          }, function (error) {
          return Promise.reject(error);
 render() {
export default Login;

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