Let's continue with the genomic informatics experiment

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Experiment 2: sequence assembly

1.art illumina simulated double terminal sequencing

Short and long insert libraries:

./art_illumina -ss HS25 -sam -i ./GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.fna -p -l 125 -f 10 -m 200 -s 10 -o ./Sc_paired
./art_illumina -ss HS25 -sam -i ./GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.fna -p -l 125 -f 10 -m 2500 -s 50 -o ./Sc_matepair

View results:

ll -o --block-size=M ./Sc_paired*
ll -o --block-size=M ./Sc_matepair*

2. Create index file with bowtie2 build

bowtie2-build GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.fna Sc_index
Bowtie2 build changes the fasta file to the index database by default.
$bowtie2 build < FASTA File > < prefix name of index file to survive >

3.fastqc quality control analysis

mkdir fastqc_out
fastqc -o ./fastqc_out -f fastq -t 10 /usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_paired1.fq /usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_paired2.fq
fastqc -o ./fastqc_out -f fastq -t 10 /usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_matepair2.fq /usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_matepair1.fq


4. Comparison between bowtie2 sequencing sequence and reference sequence

bowtie2 -x ./Sc_index -1 /usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_paired1.fq,/usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_matepair1.fq -2 /usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_paired2.fq,/usr/bin/art_bin_MountRainier/Sc_matepair2.fq -S ./Sc_2sets.sam -p 10

Generate. sam file

Double ended data comparison results:  


  The first part describes the consistent alignment results under the pair end mode. aligned concordantly is that read1 and read2 are reasonably aligned to the genome / transcriptome at the same time.

The second part is the inconsistent comparison results in the pair end mode. concordantly 0 times is that read1 and read2 cannot be reasonably compared to the genome / transcriptome at the same time.

The third part is the comparison of the single ended modes of the remaining reads (neither concordantly nor discordantly 1 time).

  5.samtools comparison results

It is a tool for processing alignment files in SAM/BAM (binary format of SAM, used to compress space) format. It can input and output files in SAM (sequence alignment/map) format, sort, merge and index them.

samtools view -b Sc_2sets.sam >Sc_2sets.bam
#Format conversion Sam > BAM
samtools sort Sc_2sets.bam -o Sc_2sets.sorted.bam
#Sort by sequence name and output the results to Sc_2sets.sorted.bam
samtools index Sc_2sets_sorted.bam

  6. Statistical analysis:

samtools stats ./Sc_2sets_sorted.bam > samtools.stat.stats.out
samtools depth ./Sc_2sets_sorted.bam > samtools.stat.depth.out
samtools flagstat ./Sc_2sets_sorted.bam > samtools.stat.flagstat.out
samtools idxstats ./Sc_2sets_sorted.bam > samtools.stat.idxstats.out

7. Interpret the statistical results of samtools satas, and use plot bamstats to visualize the output results

plot-bamstats -p ./plot-bamstats_out/ ./samtools.stat.stats.out

Encountered error: missing: gunplot, download and install and rerun the above code

conda install -c bioconda gnuplot -y

8.SOAPdenovo-63mer sequence assembly and result analysis

nohup SOAPdenovo-63mer all -s lib.cfg -K 31 -o SOAPdenovo_out -p 10 &
#Nohup & run in the background

An error is reported here because SOAPdenovo is not installed. Download it first

git clone https://github.com/aquaskyline/SOAPdenovo2.git
cd SOAPdenovo2

An error occurred because Ubuntu 18.04.5 was used

Since 16.10, gcc has enabled the pie option by default. As a result, the mime of the compiled file is application/x-sharedlib. General file managers only recognize application/x-executable and do not treat it as an executable file

Modify gcc in Makefile

gcc -fno-pie -no-pie

Just make again


Due to the storage path of the following files, the configuration document needs to be modified

  File path is


After changing a lot of problems, it must be possible to run. Try it, and it won't run in the background

SOAPdenovo2/SOAPdenovo-63mer all -s lib.cfg -K 31 -o SOAPdenovo_out -p 1

  Yes, it's done. It's not easy for the spicy chicken

9.quast compares the documents of contings and scaffolds sequences in the assembly results with the reference genome respectively

quast-5.0.2/quast.py -o quast_out -r GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.fna -g GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.gff SOAPdenovo_out.contig
#Contings assessment
quast-5.0.2/quast.py -o quast_out -r GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.fna -g GCF_000146045.2_R64_genomic.gff SOAPdenovo_out.scafSeq
#Scaffolding assessment

  10. Let's save the results for free


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