JavaScript Statistics Processing - Encapsulation and Inheritance of Classes

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JavaScript is a widely used Web programming language.
Using JavaScript technology to process statistics in browsers has the best dissemination effect

A class is a collection of common attributes and methods.JS is an object-oriented language whose objects as objects are simulated and encapsulated using the prototype property.

The class of JS is actually a function function, which is also called pseudo class because it is not a typical object-oriented class.Understanding the classes of JS requires a better understanding of the functions in JS.First, function itself is an object that can be used as either a parameter or a return value of a function, just like a normal object.


1. Constructor Method


//Constructor to get a oString class
var oString = function(str){  
     this.content = str;
var name = new oString("Lei");  //Create an object instance
var addr = new oString("Lijun");
console.log(name.content + " live in " + addr.content);
name.age = oString.prototype;   //name object adds age attribute
name.age = 18;
//Add a gender property for oString
oString.prototype.gender = "F";
//Add a toString method for oString
oString.prototype.toString = function(){  
    return this.content;
console.log(name.toString());  //Lei, the object instance inherits the toString method
console.log(name.gender);      //Lei, the object instance inherits the gender property
console.log(addr.toString());  //Lijun
console.log(addr.gender);      //F

2.object.create() method


var Person = {
      name: 'pawn',
      sayHello: function() {
Person.age = 28;  //Prototype adds properties, note that prototype is not used
Person.gender = "F";
Person.toString = function(str){  //Prototype Adding Method 
    return + " " +str +".";
var p = Object.create(Person);  //Create Object Instance
console.log(p.age);  //28
p.sayHello();  //pawn
console.log(p.toString("hello"));  //pawn hello.

3. ES6 Class Method


//Define a class (parent class) with the class keyword first
class Point{
    constructor(x, y){  //Attribute Construction
        this.x = x;
        this.y = y;
    toString(){  //Creation Method
        return 'Point coordinates: ' + this.x + ',' + this.y;
let fp = new Point(12, 34);
console.log(fp.x); //x-coordinate: 12
console.log(fp.toString()); //Point coordinates: 12,34
//Declarations of subclasses
class ColoredPoint extends Point{
    constructor(x, y, color){  ////Attribute construction
        super(x, y);  //x,y inherits parent class
        this.color = color;  //Define color attributes for subclasses
    toString(){  //Override method (super denotes parent class)
        return this.color + super.toString();
let sp = new ColoredPoint(56, 78, 'gules');
console.log(sp.x);  //56
console.log(sp.color);  //gules
console.log(sp.toString()); //"Red point coordinates: 56,78"

Inheritance between classes can be achieved through the extends keyword, and a new keyword super appears in the constructor of the subclass, without which instance properties of the parent class cannot be inherited (constructor in the subclass, super inside).Super refers to an instance of the parent class (this object of the parent class), where super(x,y) is the constructor that calls the parent class.super.toString() is the call to the parent toString() method.

This paper introduces several common basic usages of inheritance and encapsulation of JS classes, and recommends using the newer ES6 Class method.Inheritance and encapsulation of JS classes can greatly simplify the statistical analysis work code, provide efficient rules for code reuse and flexible expansion, and are important tools for developing large statistical analysis projects.

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