How could Python play like this?

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Of course, learning Python on the road will be difficult, there is no good learning materials, how to learn?There is no clear recommendation to join the communication group number in Python Learning: there are like-minded little partners in the 973783996 group, they help each other, there are good video learning tutorials and PDF in the group!

Frequency Statistics of HuanZhuGeGe

Word Cloud Label Generation from Frequency Statistics of HuanZhuGeGe

It's like turning the "Report on the Work of the Chinese Government 2016" into a cipher cloud

And then Time of the Child

Take the picture of the little swallow as the background of the word cloud

Statistics on the frequency of Ci in The Heroes of Ejection Carving and the Ci Cloud Background of Guo Jing's Opera Photos

Is there a full instant vision?

A Web-side movie database interaction

You can see the whole history of Hong Kong movies, from early co-filming of Shanghai films to Hu Jinshuan's martial arts films to Bruce Lee's era, then Jackie Chan, then Stephen Chow

Word frequency analysis of responsibility requirements to extract necessary skills

Use the crawler to climb down the picture of Goddess of Knowledge

Finally, let's show you the Python code:

Word Frequency Statistics and Word Cloud Codes

from wordcloud import WordCloud
import jieba
import PIL
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

def wordcloudplot(txt):
    path = 'd:/jieba/msyh.ttf'
    path = unicode(path, 'utf8').encode('gb18030')
    alice_mask = np.array('d:/jieba/she.jpg'))
    wordcloud = WordCloud(font_path=path, background_color="white", margin=5, width=1800, height=800, mask=alice_mask, max_words=2000, max_font_size=60, random_state=42)
    wordcloud = wordcloud.generate(txt)

def main():
    a = []
    f = open(r'd:\jieba\book\she.txt', 'r').read()
    words = list(jieba.cut(f))
    for word in words:
        if len(word) > 1:
    txt = r' '.join(a)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Code to crawl the goddess

import requests
import urllib
import re
import random
from time import sleep

def main():
    url = 'xxx'
    headers = {xxx}
    i = 925
    for x in xrange(1020, 2000, 20):
        data = {'start': '1000',
                'offset': str(x),
                '_xsrf': 'a128464ef225a69348cef94c38f4e428'}
        content =, headers=headers, data=data, timeout=10).text
        imgs = re.findall('<img src=\\\\\"(.*?)_m.jpg', content)
        for img in imgs:
                img = img.replace('\\', '')
                pic = img + '.jpg'
                path = 'd:\\bs4\\zhihu\\jpg4\\' + str(i) + '.jpg'
                urllib.urlretrieve(pic, path)
                print ('Downloaded' + str(i) + u'Picture')
                i += 1
                sleep(random.uniform(0.5, 1))
                print ('Catch 1 Leak')
        sleep(random.uniform(0.5, 1))

if __name__ == '__main__':

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