Developers must have Mysql commands

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Developers must have common Mysql commands, including data definition statements, data manipulation statements and data control statements, based on Mysql 5.7.

Data Definition Statement (DDL)

Database operation

  • Log in to the database:
mysql -uroot -proot
  • Create a database:
create database test
  • View all databases:
show databases

  • Select the database and use:
use test
  • View all data tables:
show tables
  • Delete the database:
drop database test

Table operation

  • Create tables:
create table emp(ename varchar(10),hiredate date,sal decimal(10,2),deptno int(2))  
create table dept(deptno int(2),deptname varchar(10))

  • View table definition:
desc emp

  • View Table Definitions (Details):
show create table emp \G

  • Delete the table:
drop table emp
  • Modify table fields:
alter table emp modify ename varchar(20)
  • Add table fields:
alter table emp add column age int(3)
  • Delete table fields:
alter table emp drop column age
  • Field rename;
alter table emp change age age1 int(4)
  • Modify the table name:
alter table emp rename emp1

Data Manipulation Statement (DML)

insert record

  • Specifies name insertion:
insert into emp (ename,hiredate,sal,deptno) values ('zhangsan','2018-01-01','2000',1)
  • Insert without specifying a name:
insert into emp values ('lisi','2018-01-01','2000',1)
  • Batch insertion data:
insert into dept values(1,'dept1'),(2,'dept2')

Modification of records

update emp set sal='4000',deptno=2 where ename='zhangsan'

Delete records

delete from emp where ename='zhangsan'

Query Record

  • Query all records:
select * from emp
  • Query non-duplicate records:
select distinct deptno from emp
  • Conditional Query:
select * from emp where deptno=1 and sal<3000
  • Sort and limit:
select * from emp order by deptno desc limit 2
  • Page-by-page queries (queries start with 10 entries from entry 0):
select * from emp order by deptno desc limit 0,10
  • Aggregation (department number with more than 1 inquiry department):
select deptno,count(1) from emp group by deptno having count(1) > 1
  • Connection query:
select * from emp e left join dept d on e.deptno=d.deptno
  • Subqueries:
select * from emp where deptno in (select deptno from dept)
  • Joint Records:
select deptno from emp union select deptno from dept

Data Control Statement (DCL)


  • Grant operation privileges (grant select and insert privileges to test users for all tables in the test database):
grant select,insert on test.* to 'test'@'localhost' identified by '123'
  • View account permissions:
show grants for 'test'@'localhost'

  • Recovery of operation authority:
revoke insert on test.* from 'test'@'localhost'

  • Grant all permissions to all databases:
grant all privileges on *.* to 'test'@'localhost'
  • Grant all permissions to all databases (including grant):
grant all privileges on *.* to 'test'@'localhost' with grant option
  • Grant SUPER PROCESS FILE privileges (system privileges cannot specify databases):
grant super,process,file on *.* to 'test'@'localhost'
  • Only login permissions are granted:
grant usage on *.* to 'test'@'localhost'

Account Relevance

  • Delete account:
drop user 'test'@'localhost'
  • Modify your password:
set password = password('123')
  • Administrators modify passwords for others:
set password for 'test'@'localhost' = password('123')


Character set correlation

  • View Character Set:
show variables like 'character%'

  • Specify the character set when creating the database:
create database test2 character set utf8

Time zone correlation

  • View the current time zone (UTC is the world unified time, China is UTC+8):
show variables like "%time_zone%"

  • Modify mysql's global time zone to Beijing time, that is, our Eastern Eighth Zone:
set global time_zone = '+8:00';
  • Modify the current session time zone:
set time_zone = '+8:00'

  • Effective immediately:
flush privileges

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