DCWS learning notes 01

1. Static wireless IP address configuration steps:

Set static wireless IP address
 Turn off wireless IP Automatic address selection function
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#no auto-ip-assign
 see AC Selected wireless IP address
DCWS-6028#show wireless
WS IP Address..................................
WS Auto IP Assign Mode ........................ Disable
WS Switch Static IP ...........................

It is recommended that the wireless IP address be statically specified during project implementation to prevent IP address change during dynamic selection
Wireless network interruption

2. Wireless function switch on AC

The wireless function on AC is turned off by default. The premise that AC can manage AP is to turn on the wireless function of AC.
Conditions for turning on the wireless function: there is a wireless IP address of UP on the AC.

Enable wireless function configuration:

3. Layer 2 and layer 3 automatic discovery

Through the automatic discovery function, multiple AP S and AC devices can automatically establish connections in pairs to form a cluster and provide wireless services
Service. The automatic discovery mechanism is based on IP, so you can discover devices that are not in the same network segment. Generally, there are two situations: AC found AP and AP found AC. AC found that AP has two modes: layer 2 mode and layer 3 mode. There are two ways for AP to discover AC: statically specifying AC list on AP and obtaining AC list through DHCP (using option 43).

  • Note: layer 2 discovery is automatically discovered by adding a specified vlan to AC and AP under the same network segment; Layer 3 discovery discovers the registered AP by specifying the ip address of the AC. During project implementation, it is recommended to use AC to discover AP or DHCP option 43 to enable AP to discover AP
    AC .
DHCP option 43 to configure:
DHCP optio43 Attribute discovery method
DCWS-6028(config)#ip dhcp pool AP / / address pool name AP
DCWS-6028(dhcp-ap-config)#option 43 hex 0104AC10012A0104AC10012B / / where 0104 is a fixed value, and AC10012A and AC10012B are hexadecimal representations of AC wireless addresses. 1-4 AC addresses can be configured. Required values
DHCPD: Option 43 has been added to pool AP
DCWS-6028(dhcp-ap-config)#option 60 ascii udhcp 1.18.2 / / wall AP: udhcp 1.12.1
 Put on type AP:  udhcp 1.18.2 (Old version: udhcp 1.6.1)
DHCPD: Option 60 has been added to pool AP

4. AP registration management and authentication methods

According to the different IP network segments of AP and AC, the registration process can be divided into two-layer mode and three-layer mode; Two modes
Both are carried out by sending discovery messages. The layer-2 mode discovery messages are only forwarded in the same VLAN, and the whole
The interaction process requires that the AP and AC can reach three layers, that is, they can ping each other.

4.1 AP registration: two-tier model

Configuration steps:
HyperTerminal login AC,The baud rate is 9600
AC Configuration on:
1,Wired network configuration
DCWS-6028(config)#interface vlan1
DCWS-6028(config-if-vlan1)# ip address
2,Turn on wireless function
3,appoint VLAN Discovery list
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)# discovery vlan-list 1
4,see AP Registration status
DCWS-6028#show wireless ap status
No managed APs discovered.
DCWS-6028#show wireless ap failure status
No managed APs discovered.
DCWS-6028#show wireless ap failure status
MAC Address
(*) Peer Managed IP Address Last Failure Type Age
------------------ --------------- ------------------------ ----------------
00-03-0f-19-71-e0 No Database Entry 0d:00:00:29
5,AP Authentication method: default to MAC Authentication can be cancelled
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#ap database 00-03-0f-19-71-e0
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#ap authentication none

Note 1. The command to turn off the wireless function is no enable, and the command to check whether the current wireless function is turned on is show wireless,

first line Administrative Mode It shows whether the wireless function is on
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#no enable
DCWS-6028#show wireless
Administrative Mode............................ Enable

Note 2. The command to view the AC discovery mode is

show wireless discovery
DCWS-6028#show wireless discovery

Note 3. The command to view the VLAN list found in AC layer 2 is show wireless discovery VLAN list. The maximum number of VLAN lists is 16

DCWS-6028#show wireless discovery vlan-list

Note 4. If the AP is not registered, use the command show wireless ap failure status to check whether the AP is in failure
In the table, check according to the cause of the error. For large-scale deployment, it is recommended to cancel AP certification to reduce workload

4.2 AP registration: three-tier model

Configuration steps:
1,see AP Registration status
DCWS-6028#show wireless ap status
No managed APs discovered.
DCWS-6028#show wireless ap failure status
No failed APs exist.
2,appoint IP Discovery list
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#discovery ip-list
3,View configured IP Discovery list
DCWS-6028#show wireless discovery ip-list
IP Address Status
--------------- ------------------ Discovered

Note: 1.ip-list The maximum number is 256 (depending on AC Model determination)
2.AP After successful registration, use the command show wireless ap status Can see Status by Managed
DCWS-6028#show wireless ap status
MAC Address Configuration
(*) Peer Managed IP Address Profile Status Status Age
------------------ --------------- ------- ------- ------------- --------------
00-03-0f-19-71-e0 1 Managed Failure 0d:00:00:04
Total Access Points............................ 1

5. AP configuration management (binding configuration file, configuration distribution, hardware type setting)

5.1 configuration principle:

Note: 1.profile The maximum number is 1024
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#ap profile ?
<1-1024> Enter an AP Profile ID
2.each radio The following contains 16 vap
DCWS-6028(config-wireless)#ap profile 1
DCWS-6028(config-ap-profile)#radio 1
DCWS-6028(config-ap-profile-radio)#vap ?
<0-15> Enter a VAP ID. Use 'show wireless ap capability' to display valid
range for respective hardware types
enable Enable the configured VAP
DCWS-6028(config-ap-profile-radio)#network 1
3.vap 0 Yes, each exists by default radio Below, and cannot be closed
4.network The maximum number is 1024

5.2 description of configuration principle:

each AP Associate a profile,Default association to profile 1 upper
network 1-1024 Global configuration, and vap Corresponding, i.e network 1 corresponding vap 0,network 2 corresponding vap1
radio 1 corresponding AP Upper 2.4Ghz Operating frequency band, radio 2 corresponding AP Top 5 Ghz Operating frequency band
change profile The configuration of the must be issued once. The command is: wireless ap profile apply X,X express
profile Serial number, all applications profile of AP Will update the configuration
AP Power off and register with AC When I went to school, AC It will be issued automatically profile to configure

5.3 distribution profile configuration:

6028#wireless ap profile apply 1

5.4 hardware type setting:

6028(config-wireless)#ap profile 1
6028(config-ap-profile)#hwtype 3
 see AP Hardware type command:
Show wireless ap <MAC> stataus

Title: 2018 Jiangsu Vocational College skills competition

1. Network topology

2. IP address rule table:

3. Device initialization information:

Task 2: network security equipment configuration and protection

1. DCWS to configure VLAN110 Is the management address, AP Dynamically register to AC
service dhcp(2 (min)
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address (min)
ip dhcp pool 110
 option 43 hex 0104C0A86EFE
 option 60 ascii udhcp1.18.2(2 (min)
ip dhcp pool 111
lease 2 0 0
 dns-server (min)
ip dhcp pool 222
lease 2 0 0
 dns-server (min)
interface Vlan66
 ip address (min)
interface Vlan110
 ip address (min)
interface Vlan111
 ip address (min)
interface Vlan222
 ip address (min)
ip route  (2 (min)
Interface Ethernet1/0/15   (2 (min)
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport trunk native vlan 110
Interface Ethernet1/0/16      (2 (min)
 switchport access vlan 66
 no auto-ip-assign
 ap authentication none
 static-ip (min)
 network 1           (2 (min)
ssid GUEST
vlan 111
network 2           (2 (min)
ssid DCN
vlan 222
ap profile 1
  name Default
  hwtype 29(Or 59) (2 points)
  radio 1
   vap 1
    enable         (2 (min)
  radio 2
   vap 1
    enable          (2 (min)

2. Configuration 2.4G Working in frequency band, 802.11g agreement; (8 points)
ap profile 1
ap escape             (4 (min)
  radio 1
   mode g             (4 (min)

3. set up SSID GUEST,The encryption mode is wpa-personal,The password is 11111111, VLAN111(12 Points, 3 points will be deducted for each mistake until all points are deducted)
network 1
  security mode wpa-personal(3 (min)
  ssid GUEST(3 (min)
  vlan 111(3 (min)
  wpa key xxxxxx(3 (min)
4. GUEST Network flow control, uplink 1 M,Downlink 2 M And turn on user isolation. (12 points, 3 points deducted for each mistake)
network 2
  client-qos enable(3 (min)
  client-qos bandwidth-limit down 2048(3 (min)
  client-qos bandwidth-limit up 1024(3 (min)
station-isolation (3 (min)

5. When there are many access terminals and a large number of weak terminals, the configuration prevents the high-speed client from being "dragged down" by the low-speed client, so that the low-speed client will not be unable to receive transmission for a long time; (6 points)
ap profile 1
  radio 1
   schedule-mode preferred (3 (min)
  radio 2
      schedule-mode preferred (3 (min)

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