Custom form export excel

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1. When the ID card number 18 bits is exported to excel, it is a scientific counting method, which can convert text format in Excel table to restore normal.

Operating method

2. When using the regional linkage brought by Zhimeng, the derived enumerator cannot be converted, so it is recommended to use the js plug-in when exporting excel.


Derived excel method

1. dede/templets/diy_main.htm found

Front desk preview</a>

Add a line below it

<a href="diy_list.php?action=excel&diyid={dede:field.diyid/}" target="_blank">Export form Excel</a>

2. dede/diy_list.php finds the bottom

    showmsg('Undefined operation', "-1");

Before this paragraph else, add

else if($action == 'excel')
$fieldlist = $diy->getFieldList();
echo "<table><tr>";
foreach($fieldlist as $field=>$fielddata)
echo "<th>{$fielddata[0]}</th>";
echo "<th>state</th>";
echo "</tr>";
$sql = "SELECT * FROM {$diy->table} ORDER BY id DESC";
while($arr = $dsql->GetArray('t'))
echo "<tr>";
foreach($fieldlist as $key => $field)
echo "<td>".$arr[$key]."</td>";
$status = $arr['ifcheck'] == 1 ? 'Audited' : 'Not audited';
echo "<td>".$status."</td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";

3. dede/diy_list.php

Find about line 14

$action = isset($action) && in_array($action, array('post', 'list', 'edit', 'check', 'delete')) ? $action : '';

Add after delect,'excel'works as follows

$action = isset($action) && in_array($action, array('post', 'list', 'edit', 'check', 'delete', 'excel')) ? $action : '';

This completes the export function.

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