Correct posture of cascading tick in bootstrap treeview

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Last article It has been said that it has its own cascading function. You have to use this:

                showCheckbox: true,
                data: [data], // data is not optional
                levels: 3,
                enableLinks: true,
                hierarchicalCheck:true,//Cascade check
                // propagateCheckEvent:true,
                highlightSearchResults:false,//Search results are not highlighted
                state: {
                  checked: true,
                  // disabled: true,
                  expanded: true,
                  // selected: true
The manual check method is: toggleNodeChecked method

Therefore, we use this method when we do permission query.

According to the example in the original version, the idea is to search for the name of the directory first, and then select it (the original version has no linkage function). Many directory names are duplicate, so the find method in pattern is still used.

            type: 'GET',    
            dataType : "json",//Return data type  
            url: "/admin/role/getpermission",//action path requested  
            data: {roleid:row.Id,action:action,projectid:projectid}, 
            error: function () {//Request failure handling function    
                alert('request was aborted');    
            success:function(data){ //The function is processed after the request is successful. Get Json object data
              // var findCheckableNodess = function() {
              //   Return $('#tree'). Treeview ('search ', [data, {ignorecase: false, exactmatch: true}]); / / ignore case - this only supports names, many of which are duplicate.
              $('#Tree '). Treeview ('uncheckall', {silent: true}); / / first uncheck all
              for(var i=0;i<data.length;i++){
                // alert(data[i]);
                var findCheckableNodess = function() {
                  return $('#Tree '). Treeview ('findnodes', [data [i],'id'); / / the find method in the new version supports the field field. Here, the ID is unique and convenient.
                var checkableNodes = findCheckableNodess();
                // $('(tree'). Treeview ('checknode ', [checkablenodes, {silent: true}]); / / only one checknode can be selected.
                $('#Tree '). Treeview ('togglenodechecked', [checkablenodes, {silent: true}]); / / this togglenodechecked can select all the lower level entities and the upper level entities.

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