Answer #11: what is the difference between char and varchar in MySQL

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Answer #11: what is the difference between char and varchar in MySQL

1. Experimental scenario

GreatSQL 8.0.25 InnoDB

2. Experimental test

2.1 differences

Is the length variableFixed lengthLengthen
storage capacity 0 ~ 2550 ~ 65,535

2.2 construction test table


2.3 test without exceeding the set value

Fields V and C write a character of 4 + space

[root@GreatSQL][test]> INSERT INTO vc VALUES ('4 ', '4 ');

[root@GreatSQL][test]> SELECT CONCAT('(', v, ')'), CONCAT('(', c, ')') FROM vc;
| CONCAT('(', v, ')') | CONCAT('(', c, ')') |
| (4 )                | (4)                 |
1 rows in set (0.00 sec)

The test results show that the length of char remains unchanged, accounting for 2 characters, and the space length of varchar changes, accounting for 1 character.

2.4 test of exceeding the set value

When the write length is greater than the set length, an error is reported

[root@GreatSQL][test]>INSERT INTO vc VALUES ('123456', '123456');
ERROR 1406 (22001): Data too long for column 'v' at row 1

Adjust sql_mode, which automatically intercepts the content within the limited capacity when writing again


[root@GreatSQL][test]>INSERT INTO vc VALUES ('123456', '123456');            
Query OK, 1 row affected, 2 warnings (0.02 sec)

[root@GreatSQL][test]>select * from vc;
| v    | c    |
| 1234 | 1234 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

2.5 field length test

Create a table, set the CHAR length to 256, and the result will prompt an error

[root@GreatSQL][test]>CREATE TABLE vc (v VARCHAR(255), c CHAR(256));
ERROR 1074 (42000): Column length too big for column 'c' (max = 255); use BLOB or TEXT instead

3. Usage suggestions

  • char is recommended for frequently changed field types.
  • It is recommended to use varchar type for field types that will not change, which can save some storage space.
  • If you need to create an index, it is also recommended to use char type, because char type can effectively avoid index fragmentation caused by field changes and improve index performance.

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