SSO single sign on + JWT privilege control practice based on Spring Security Oauth2

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The usage and practice of permission system based on Spring Security and JWT have been discussed in the previous design of permission system based on Spring Security and JWT. This paper further practices the multi system single sign on (SSO) and JWT permission control functions based on Spring Security Oauth3. After all, this requirement is quite common.

The code is open source and is placed at the end of the text. You need to take it yourself
Theoretical knowledge

Before that, you need to learn and understand some pre knowledge, including:

Spring Security: authentication and authority module of Web System Based on spring implementation
OAuth3: an open network standard for authorization
Single sign on (SSO): in multiple application systems, users only need to log in once to access all mutually trusted application systems
JWT: a JSON based open standard (RFC 7519) for transmitting information between network applications. It is used as a JSON object for secure information transmission between different systems. The main use scenarios are generally used to transmit authenticated user identity information between identity providers and service providers
Goals to achieve

Objective 1: design and implement a third-party authorization center service (Server) to complete user login, authentication and authority processing
Objective 2: you can mount any number of Client applications under the authorization center
Objective 3: when the user accesses the Security page of the client application, he will be redirected to the authorization center for authentication. After authentication, he can access the services of the client application, and multiple client applications only need to log in once (called "single sign on SSO")
Based on this goal driven, this paper designs three independent services, namely:

An authorization service center (codesheet server)
Client application 1 (codedeep-client1)
Client application 2 (codedeep-client2)
Multi module project construction

The three applications are organized through a multi module Maven project. The project parent pom needs to add the following dependencies:






The project structure is as follows:

Construction of authorized certification center

The authorized certification center is essentially a Spring Boot application, so several major steps need to be completed:

Add dependency in pom


project yml Profile:

port: 8085
context-path: /uac
That is, start the authorization center service on the local port 8085

Create an impersonated user with the specified permissions

public class SheepUserDetailsService implements UserDetailsService {

private PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder;

public UserDetails loadUserByUsername(String s) throws UsernameNotFoundException {

    if( !"codesheep".equals(s) )
        throw new UsernameNotFoundException("user" + s + "non-existent" );

    return new User( s, passwordEncoder.encode("123456"), AuthorityUtils.commaSeparatedStringToAuthorityList("ROLE_NORMAL,ROLE_MEDIUM"));

Here, an analog user with the user name codedeep and password 123456 is created, and given normal and medium permissions

Authentication server configuration AuthorizationServerConfig

The two most important things to do here: one is to define the passes of two client applications (sheep1 and sheep2); the other is to configure the specific implementation method of token as JWT Token.

Spring Security security configurationspringsecurityconfig

public class SpringSecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {

public AuthenticationManager authenticationManager() throws Exception {
    return super.authenticationManager();

private UserDetailsService userDetailsService;

public PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder() {
    return new BCryptPasswordEncoder();

public DaoAuthenticationProvider authenticationProvider() {
    DaoAuthenticationProvider authenticationProvider = new DaoAuthenticationProvider();
    return authenticationProvider;

protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {


protected void configure(AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth) throws Exception {

Client application creation and configuration

This article creates two client applications: codedeep-client1 and codedeep-client2. Because they are similar, only one of them is taken as an example

SSO client application configuration class ClientWebsecurityConfigurer

public void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {

All the complicated things have been handed over to the annotation!

application.yml configuration

auth-server: http://localhost:8085/uac
port: 8086

client-id: sheep1
client-secret: 123456
user-authorization-uri: ${auth-server}/oauth/authorize
access-token-uri: ${auth-server}/oauth/token
key-uri: ${auth-server}/oauth/token_key

Several configurations here are very important. They all need to communicate with the authorization center built earlier

Create test controller TestController

public class TestController {

public String normal( ) {
    return "normal permission test success !!!";

public String medium() {
    return "medium permission test success !!!";

public String admin() {
    return "admin permission test success !!!";

The test controller contains three interfaces, which require three permissions (ROLE_NORMAL, ROLE_MEDIUM and ROLE_ADMIN). The test will be conducted one by one to see the effect after the meeting

experimental verification

Start the authorized authentication center codedeep server (starting at the local port 8085)
Start the client application codedeep-client1 (started on the local port 8086)
Start the client application codedeep-client2 (started on the local port 8087)
First, use the browser to access the test interface of codedeep-client1: localhost:8086/normal. Since there is no user login authentication at this time, it will automatically jump to the login authentication page of the authorization center: http://localhost:8085/uac/login :





This validates single sign on SSO The function of!

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