Mr. Xu Haoming, Huawei sales expert and LTC expert: process is the basis of digital transformation. Take Huawei marketing LTC and Huawei iron triangle as examples

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Mr. Xu Haoming, Huawei sales expert and LTC expert: process is the basis of digital transformation! Take Huawei marketing LTC and Huawei iron triangle as examples

At present, more and more enterprises are shouting "data transformation", but in fact, many enterprises are not doing well, or even just a "slogan". If they use some IT systems, they may think it is "data transformation". In fact, they are far from the real "digitization" "It's still a long way to go. Because the company hasn't changed from functional management to process management, and process management is the foundation of digital transformation. Without this foundation, a lot of data information is messy data that hasn't been connected. Later, take Huawei's marketing LTC process transformation as an example to share Huawei's practical experience in digital transformation. Let's take a look at the current situation The common phenomenon is that enterprises invest a lot in informatization every year and apply various systems, but the return on investment is not high. There are a large number of system islands and data islands, which do not achieve efficient business coordination, and digital operation is difficult.

Why? Because many enterprises lack process management thinking and integrated business management (including internal integration and external integration) Process management is the way to realize business integration, standardization, standardization and templating. If only the existing fragmented processes are solidified into the IT system, the process problems are not improved, but amplified by the system, which will naturally lead to inefficient operation of the system, resulting in disordered data and difficult to play their due role.

Therefore, the basis of digital transformation is process management. Process reflects business flow. IT is very important to identify business flow. In process, IT, quality and operation work, business flow is the origin and foundation of all work. If we firmly grasp business flow, we will not deviate from the direction of work. Process describes business flow, IT carries and enables business flow, and data is in business flow The quality of flowing information depends on business flow. Quality management is based on business flow, and operation is also based on business flow. Process carries business, performance, quality, risk control and data. Therefore, without high-quality process, there will be no high-quality data. If process activities lack clear rules and standards, a large number of non-standard and inaccurate data will be output To the downstream, resulting in the formation of a lot of garbage data, which affects the effectiveness of business activities and decision-making activities and hinders the digital transformation.


When we consulted many enterprises on process reengineering, we found that many enterprises reversed the work order of it information system and process reengineering. They first went to it system (such as ERP, CRM, etc.) , I just want to sort out and optimize / reengineer the process. In this way, it is equivalent to allowing the business to adapt to the IT system, rather than the IT system to support the business. Even some enterprises use the system and just solidify the existing process, which is even worse. In the past, without the system, the process is more flexible, and everyone can play freely and avoid the process. Now they use the system, and the contradictions are concentrated After the outbreak, everyone complained that the system was not easy to use and the efficiency was lower. The company was caught in a sea of meetings and meetings. It held meetings, set up projects and sent documents to coordinate the corresponding work. Due to the long-term lack of optimization of the process, the process was further fragmented with the expansion of the organization scale and the refinement of the division of labor. At the same time, a large number of non value-added activities were derived, resulting in a large number of redundant data, contradictory data and incomplete data Accurate data, difficult to obtain unstructured data... So digital transformation is difficult. Talking about digital transformation is just a castle in the air.

The correct order of change should be to first plan the process framework, sort out the business process, design the end-to-end process, then find the IT manufacturer (or its own it development team) to interpret the business process into it language, and finally use the IT system to support the process (at this time, it manufacturer or it team may need to make some customized development adjustments).

  In the process IT,Data is very important in quality and operation. Information flows in the business flow. The carrier of information is data. Data includes structured data and unstructured data (documents) , data is the output of each operation activity of the business flow. For each operation phase, the output of its operation needs to meet the needs of the downstream. If an operation activity does not output the data required by the downstream, it is equivalent to doing it in vain. Because it does not meet the quality requirements of the link, the downstream needs to spend more money to remedy it. The ideal state is Each operation link matches its unique value and outputs the just good information required by the downstream without redundancy and missing, so as to meet the quality requirements of the operation link IPD From the experience of change, sorting out the information in the business flow is the premise of process definition IT The foundation of application architecture definition is IT The premise of system development is the integration and connection of main processes, which is essentially the integration and connection of data. Data management is in the process and IT It is in the core position in the, because it needs to pay enough attention to the data.

 Data is information that runs in the process. A common phenomenon in work is that the entrance of information is not managed, so that what enters the process is a pile of useless things. The process is connected, but because the things inside are worthless, the process is also useless. Information is very important, so we must control the entrance.

 In addition to paying attention to data for process connection, data is also the basis of the company's operation and management. If the basic data is inaccurate, the report data required for various operation and management is also inaccurate, which can not accurately reflect the business essence and effectively guide the operation and management.

IT What is it? IT It is an enabler that carries the business workflow and realizes the automatic transmission and integration of business data. IT It carries business flow and data, IT Support each job and the data output by the job IT Realize the integration between data and the automation of process, instead of relying on people to input and convert data, because people will make mistakes and IT The system will not, and the efficiency is higher than that of people. Therefore, the highest level of process organization construction is end-to-end, and the whole business flow is controlled by IT Support, so that all operations and all data are supported IT Hosted, and integrated and automated from front to back.

IT It is to use technical means to carry the process, and it is to use technical means to solidify the process and improve the operation efficiency of the process IT Zhongpao is a solidified process, which is essentially a business IT The supported process is easy to become a pile of paper and difficult to execute.

 Huawei LTC From the experience of change, we finished it at that time LTC After the process change design, submit the design scheme to IT Department, interpreted by them as IT Language, and finally developers develop a system to support the landing of new processes. The result is that there is only one web page IT The system carries all the marketing and sales business of the company (all the data of the project with a revenue of nearly trillion). The front-line "war" personnel only need to use this information system (no other system) to enter all the information data (including clue information, project information, review and decision-making process, business application, contract approval, etc.), All process data of each project from clue to project payment collection run in this system. Therefore, digital transformation can be easily realized. Because all relevant data can be passed through this IT The background of the system is convenient for statistics acquisition, including sales pipeline management, sales forecast, customer insight, project situation, etc LTC The implementation is thorough, and the process data is supervised and audited by a specially assigned person, so that the data quality is very high and the final information is accurate, which supports the continuous optimization and improvement of management. For example, if the sales forecast data is accurate, it can ensure the accurate delivery of the production supply chain, reduce inventory and improve customer satisfaction

At present, many large-scale enterprises have established process management department in addition to information department. Some enterprises integrate process and informatization into a first-class department. Taking Huawei as an example, Huawei has made it clear that the goal of enterprise development is process organization construction. How to understand? The objectives of process organization construction can be divided into: simple and efficient value creation process, efficient matching operation between organization and process, efficient integration of management system, excellent operation and management, continuous improvement quality culture and contract delivery project culture have been formed. In order to achieve the goal of process organization construction, the company has built quality and operation organizations in organizations at all levels, which is a very important measure to realize process organization construction. For example, Huawei has a quality operation, process and information department in its headquarters, and the same functions are configured in various business areas. Through the management of process and informatization, two wheel drive digital transformation, better process and better informatization.

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