Ubuntu 18.04 slam LEGO_ Problems related to loam stepping pit and ouster 132 line radar

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     In May, the tutor gave the research direction to laser slam. At that time, he began to operate the construction of relevant systems and the reproduction of codes. It took a lot of time due to the epidemic and flood. Now the school has been open for more than a month, and the preparatory work has been preliminarily completed. Now record the relevant problems.

I. Ubuntu system

Say important things three times, don't use virtual machines! Directly on the dual system, because I don't know how many pits I stepped on and how many times the code was changed!!

It is recommended to use 18.04 system and 20.04 system, but the relevant code needs to be changed. Many bloggers on the Internet have written these things in detail.

The virtual machine shows no WIFI or WIFI has no network solution!

My computer is a small new Air 15 network card. There was no problem when installing the 20.04 system. There were many problems when installing the 18.04 network card. Many methods on the Internet have been tried and useless. Finally, I found a blogger's record and solved my problem.

Remember how to solve the problem that the network card can't find wifi after Ubuntu 18.04 is installed (Device c822 driver problem)_ GKSama blog - CSDN blog

ubuntu's solution to the problem of empty wifi list or no wifi adapter_ wssadwdayc blog - CSDN blog_ ubuntu does not have a wifi adapter

This is my solution. Generally, you can find WiFi by doing so.

II. ROS installation

Installed many times, many videos and tutorials on the Internet. (it is recommended to install lego_loam synchronously)

For personal pit records, remember to remove the S when changing Tsinghua source, otherwise an error will occur. Tsinghua source cannot be safely updated with this source, so it is disabled by default.

The installation of ROS was very smooth. In the last step, I saw the outcome of a station B. the method successfully crossed the robbery

rosdep update time out

sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install 6-rosdep
sudo 6-rosdep

III. Lego_loam installation

Install dependency gtsam first

git clone https://bitbucket.org/gtborg/gtsam.git
mkdir build
cd build
make ..
sudo make install

lego_loam installation

mkdir -p catkin_ws/src
cd catkin_ws/src
git clone https://gitee.com/Yeah2333/LeGO-LOAM.git

cd catkin_ws
catkin_make -j1
source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch lego_loam run.launch
rosbag play *.bag --clock --topic /velodyne_points /imu/data

There should be no problem at this time

IV. Ouster OS1-32 radar test Lego_loam SC

The first is the configuration of the radar, which is not a big problem. It also stepped on many pits. Under the guidance of the tutor and the Chinese reference manual, it finally ran successfully.

The first is the radar configuration

Reference manuals and links: Jira Service Management

, remember to change the wired IP so that it is consistent with your radar IP! I've been fascinated by this for a long time. Then I download the firmware, download the code and compile something. Don't write it specifically. Look at the reference manual and links. A friend has written about the configuration of 128 radar. Most of the problems in it can be solved.

Then it's running, LEGO_ The data packet recorded by loam SC with its own radar needs to be changed to the point cloud topic of the. bag file

use Lego_LOAM function Ouster Offline package for
 stay Ouster_example In your running space (what you have done before, os_ws),Re record it bag Document and adopt/os_cloud_node/points this topic

(1)ow_ws Folder, run source devel/setup.bash
(2)Continue running
  roslaunch ouster_ros ouster.launch replay:=true  viz:=true image:=true
(3)Re open a terminal and run the package
  rosbag play .bag 
(4)Open another terminal and run
  rosbag record /os_cloud_node/points

Some codes and parameters need to be changed

It is mainly the header file code. The code of SC is different from the original one, but there is little difference

(1)Lego_LOAM_SC/include/utility.h File modification
      1) struct PointXYZIR
           {            . . . 
               uint 16_t ring //  Change to uint8_t 
      2)POINT_CLOUD_REGISTER_STRUCT(.... uint16_t...) //Change to uint8_t
      3) Change radar parameters
         //The parameter in the middle of Ouster OS1-64 is changed to
         extern const int N_SCAN =32;
         Other parameters need to be modified according to the radar performance

      viod copyPointCloud(const sensor_msg:: PointCloud2ConstPrt. . . )
          This sentence in should be uncommented
         cloudHeader.stamp = ros::Time::now(); 
(3)Point cloud topic Change it, too

 // extern const string pointCloudTopic = "/velodyne_points";
// extern const string pointCloudTopic = "/kitti_scan";
//extern const string pointCloudTopic = "/os1_points";
extern const string pointCloudTopic = "/os_cloud_node/points";
extern const string imuTopic = "/imu/data";

The next step is to run Lego_loam normally

There's no big problem

Reference link: GitHub - RobustFieldAutonomyLab/LeGO-LOAM: LeGO-LOAM: Lightweight and Ground-Optimized Lidar Odometry and Mapping on Variable Terrain

Reference link:

Reference link: Ouster OS1-128 radar debugging wake up 1218 blog - CSDN blog

Blog for compiling and installing _hehern - CSDN blog

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