The second pairing programming operation of software engineering practice in autumn 2021

Keywords: Dynamic Programming Deep Learning

Which course does this assignment belong toConstruction method - Autumn 2021 - Software Engineering of Fuzhou University
What are the requirements for this assignmentThe second pairing programming operation of software engineering practice in autumn 2021
Individual student number031902540
Pairing member student number031902135
Job blog link for twinning partners< job blog link for twinning partners >
GitHub warehouse addressGitHub warehouse address
Video demo linkVideo link

1, PSP table

PSP2.1Personal Software Process StagesEstimated time (minutes)Actual time (minutes)
· Estimate·Estimate how long this task will take2015
· Analysis·Needs analysis (including learning new technologies)300320
· Design Spec·Generate design documents
· Design Review·Design review (review design documents with colleagues)
· Coding Standard·Code specifications (develop appropriate specifications for current development)3020
· Design·Specific design180120
· Coding·Specific coding300260
· Code Review·Code review3020
· Test·Test (self test, modify code, submit modification)8070
· Test Report·Test report
· Size Measurement·Calculation workload6040
· Postmortem & Process Improvement Plan·Summarize afterwards and put forward process improvement plan1010

Learning progress bar

Week NNew code (line)Cumulative code (line)Learning time this week (hours)Cumulative learning time (hours)Important growth
15009003636Master the basic framework of small program development

2, Thoughts on key or difficult function programming

  1. Implementation of home page background map and various icons
<!-- Avatar and text -->
<view class="vi1" style="transform: rotate({{deg}}deg);margin-left:{{l}}px;margin-top:{{t}}px;">
  <image src="/img/Avatar.png" mode="widthFix" class="compss"></image>
  <text style="margin-left:10rpx;">nickname</text>
<!-- Global background -->
<view class="vi2">
  <image src="/img/v2_r06z9t.jpg" mode="widthFix" class="map"></image>

<!-- Four icons and background -->
<view class="vi3">
<view class="vi4">
    <image src="/img/ic1.png" style="width:100rpx;height:100rpx;margin-left:9%;"></image>
    <image src="/img/ic2.png" style="width:100rpx;height:100rpx;margin-left:9%;"></image>
    <image src="/img/ic3.png" style="width:100rpx;height:100rpx;margin-left:9%;"></image>
    <image src="/img/ic4.png" style="width:100rpx;height:100rpx;margin-left:9%;"></image>
    <text style="margin-left:11%;">ranking</text>
    <text style="margin-left:14%;">prize</text>
    <text style="margin-left:13%;">set up</text>
    <text style="margin-left:10%;">Rules of the game</text>
<!-- standalone mode  -->
<view class="vi5">  
<view class="vi6" bindtap="jump">
  <text style="margin-left:100rpx;font-size:100rpx;color:white;">standalone mode </text>
<!-- Private room -->
<view class="vi7">  
<view class="vi8">
  <text style="margin-left:100rpx;font-size:50rpx;color:white;">Private room</text>
<!-- Create room -->
<view class="vi9">  
<view class="vi10">
  <text style="margin-left:400rpx;font-size:50rpx;color:white;">Create room</text>
  • The implementation effect is shown as follows:

  1. Click the icon to switch pages
 // Jump function

      url: '/pages/page1/page1',
  1. commit screenshot

3, Paired pictures

4, Pairing programming experience

1. Pairing programming is different from programming by yourself. Although you can program by yourself, the time and place can be random, but you will write a lot of bugs. It will take longer to find bugs and may change more and more wrong. Although there are some constraints on the time and place when discussing pairing programming, pairing teammates will consider it from another aspect, You can find bugs or find bugs yourself from the perspective of your teammates, which saves a lot of time and improves the efficiency of completing tasks.
2. At the beginning of this programming, I didn't know where to start. I hadn't been in contact with small program development before. Later, I learned to use wechat developer software through my roommate. I hadn't used this software before. Then Baidu watched the video of station b and gradually became familiar with how to write and debug functions. Through this writing, I found that my programming foundation was very weak, so I spent a lot of time browsing various materials and websites.
3. Our pairing game failed to complete all the functions designed before, which is also the reason for our lack of code ability. After this operation, I will continue to learn and strive to complete a relatively complete project in team operation.

5, Pairing coding takes a long time and gains more events

  1. First of all, it takes a lot of time to learn how to use wechat developer tools, because neither of us has used the initial installation of small programs, and the preparation of various modules are learning step by step online. Thank my teammates very much here, because she accurately finds the corresponding learning materials or videos for our doubts every time, I am also patiently answering various questions, so I have a preliminary grasp of the software.
  2. Secondly, we discussed the layout of the home page for a long time during coding. The interface written through the online tutorial is quite different from what we think, such as the color of the picture is too dark or the size of the icon is inappropriate. The interface made for the first time does not meet the needs of users, so we still modify it constantly when making the interface, But I also have a deeper understanding of the applet interface.
  3. Finally, it takes a lot of time to design six dice and randomly shake the output algorithm.

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