What's the beauty value of your favorite female anchor? Today, I'll take you to test the beauty value of the live female anchor

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With the rise of live broadcasting, the career of anchor has gradually come into people's vision. Now each platform has the title of "master Huadan", "first brother", "first sister", etc. In fact, popularity is one aspect, but beauty is the hard power.

Next, I'll take you to the beauty test score of the anchor to see who is the most beautiful baby

General content of this article:

1. Crawling the live face image of the host

2. Call Baidu face detection open interface to score the face value

Environment introduction:

python 3.6




1. Crawling the picture of the host

1.1 import module

import requests
import parsel


1.2 analyze the target web page to determine the url path to be crawled and the headers parameter



The code is as follows:

base_url = 'https://www.huya.com/g/4079'
headers = {'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.117 Safari/537.36'



1.3 send request -- requests simulate browser to send request and get response data


The code is as follows:

response = requests.get(url=base_url, headers=headers)
html_data = response.text


1.4 parse data -- parsel is converted to Selector object, which has the method of xpath and can process the converted data


The code is as follows:

parse = parsel.Selector(html_data)
data_list = parse.xpath('//li[@class="game-live-item"]')
# print(data_list)

for data in data_list:
    img_url = data.xpath('./a/img/@data-original').get()  # Host face picture url address
    img_title = data.xpath('.//span/i/@title').get()  # Name of the anchor
    print(img_url, img_title)

    # Request picture data
    img_data = requests.get(url=img_url, headers=headers).content


1.5 save data


The code is as follows:

    # Prepare file name
    file_name = img_title + '.jpg'
    with open('img\\' + file_name, mode='wb') as f:
        print('Saving:', file_name)



2. Call Baidu face detection open interface

Register account in Baidu AI open platform


Click to enter face recognition


Create an app


After creation, enter the management application, open the application, and click download SDK


Do not download, click the instructions



Install SDK


pip install baidu-aip


Write code according to Baidu interface example



The code is as follows:

from aip import AipFace
import base64

def face_rg(file_Path):
    """ Your api_id AK SK """
    api_id = '20107883'
    api_key = 'Xela0yPoFtERUBSTFtNlEKbO'
    secret_key = 'E5TmneyfAzxfzowgwRErLT8RYe7MfkfG'

    client = AipFace(api_id, api_key, secret_key)  # Call the interface of color detection

    with open(file_Path, 'rb') as file:
         data = base64.b64encode(file.read())  # Picture type BASE64:Picturesque base64 Value, base64 Encoded picture data

    image = data.decode()

    imageType = "BASE64"
    options = {}
    options["face_field"] = 'beauty'

    """ Call face detection """
    result = client.detect(image, imageType, options)
    return result['result']['face_list'][0]['beauty']

if __name__ == '__main__':
    face_rg(r'..\Host color detection\img\Blue cloud-Summer flowers still.jpg')



3. Test score

3.1 import module, interface for cycle detection

The code is as follows:

import os

from Host color detection.Beauty detection_Interface import face_rg

path = './img'
image_list = os.listdir(path)
# print(image_list)

score_dict = {}

for image in image_list:
        name = image.split('.')[0]
        # print(name)
        image_path = path + '\\' + image  # Path to picture
        face_score = face_rg(image_path)
        # print(face_score)
        score_dict[name] = face_score
        # print(score_dict)
    except Exception as e:
        print('Detecting:{}|Detection failed!!!'.format(str(name)))
        print('Detecting:{}|Beauty score:{}'.format(str(name), str(face_score)))

print('\n===========================================Test complete===========================================')


# Dictionary in descending order of values
change_score = sorted(score_dict.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)  # lambda 1 in is the index of the tuple


3.2 data output

for a, b in enumerate(change_score):
    print('The little sister's name is:{}Beauty value rank: No{}Her beauty score is:{}'.format(change_score[a][0], a+1, change_score[a][1]))


After running the code, get the final test result of beauty rating


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