Analysis of the php program configuration of Kodex Explorer open source network disk

Keywords: PHP Nginx Fragment Mac

config/setting_user.php append content (all of the following, be careful not to use Chinese quotation marks, double quotation marks and semicolons)

//[specify multiple languages and keep Chinese only]
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['language'] = 'zh-CN';
//[automatically create a new directory when creating a user-defined group]
$GLOBALS['config']['settingSystemDefault']['newGroupFolder'] = 'share,File,picture,video';
//User defined desktop folder directory
$GLOBALS['config']['settingSystemDefault']['desktopFolder'] = 'desktop';
//[configure static file CDN access URL]
// Step: first upload the static folder under the kod to the CDN server, and configure it as follows
// For example, the static file cdn path of the official website demo:
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['staticPath'] = "";
//[configure plug-in static files to CDN]
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['pluginHost'] = '';
//[upload speed optimization]
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['updloadThreads'] = 10;//Number of threads uploaded at the same time
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['updloadChunkSize'] = 1024*1024*20;
//Fragment upload fragment size (cannot be greater than the upload size limit set in php.ini, otherwise the file will not be uploaded successfully)
//[nginx optimizes file download speed]
// Call nginx to directly output and download, and speed up;
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['httpSendFile'] = true;
//New user initializes default configuration
$GLOBALS['config']['settingDefault'] = array(
    'listType'            => "icon",        // File list mode list icon column = = > List icon split
    'listSortField'        => "name",        // Sort field filename | file size | extension | last modified = = > name | size | ext | Mtime
    'listSortOrder'        => "up",        // Ascending Descending default ascending up and down
    'fileIconSize'        => "80",        // Icon mode icon size
    'animateOpen'        => "1",            // Interface animation, on by default
    'soundOpen'            => "0",            // Operation sound effect
    'theme'                => "win10",        // Default theme; app theme [Mac, win7, win10, Metro, Metro [green, alpha]
    'wall'                => "8",            // Default wallpaper
    "fileRepeat"        => "replace",    // Default processing method for files with the same name: keep, replace, skip = = > rename, replace, skip
    "recycleOpen"        => "1",            // Open recycle bin 1 or not | 0 means open or not
    'resizeConfig'        =>              // List mode different field width initial value
$GLOBALS['config']['editorDefault'] = array(
    'fontSize'        => '14px',
    'theme'            => 'tomorrow',
    'autoWrap'        => 1,        //Adaptive width wrap
    'autoComplete'    => 1,
    'functionList'     => 1,
    "tabSize"        => 4,
    "softTab"        => 1,
    "displayChar"    => 0,        //Display special characters or not
    "fontFamily"    => "Menlo",    //Typeface
    "keyboardType"    => "ace"    //ace vim emacs

Configure apiLoginTonken
Open / config/setting_user.php as above; append as follows:;

//Self setting; the length is not less than 5, and it is recommended to be as complex as possible for safety consideration; this value should not be leaked, and it is recommended to replace it regularly;
$GLOBALS['config']['settings']['apiLoginTonken'] = 'ffmoipwjeij';

Remove random wallpaper
Administrator log in, open system settings in the upper right corner - select other tab - add in custom css

#random-wallpaper,.randomImage{display:none;visibility: hidden;}

Remove authorization mark
System settings: in the upper right corner, the authorized version ID administrator logs in. In the upper right corner, open system settings - select other tab - add in custom css

.setting-page .version-vip{display:none;visibility: hidden;}

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