2021-11-19 task: report query of mobile terminal

Keywords: Java RESTful

Previous bug resolution


Previously, when setting the upload report, a field was missing to store the package id, because a member can reserve multiple packages. Now the problem has been solved

Solution: in t_ In the report table (that is, in the database where the file name of the report is stored), a setmealId field is added to store the package id. when uploading the report or downloading / querying the report, the memberId and the package id need to be the same at the same time to judge the content of the data to be queried

The rest is to modify the xml files of entity classes and dao, which will not be described here


When uploading the report, the member in the above table cannot be obtained_ id, so I just used setmealId to update, resulting in an operation. Later, I changed to use the primary key id of this table to update, which is implemented normally

The primary key has been used for update operations before.
Later, I don't know why I want to compare the two fields in the table to find a certain column. This idea is still not advisable. I still need to use the primary key id to update, which is more clear

preparation in advance

Create an entity class to store the information to be displayed

public class MobileReport  implements Serializable {
    private Integer id;//Primary key
    private Integer memberId;//Member id
    private Integer setmealId;//Package id
    private String reportStatus;//Upload
    private Date reportLoadDate;//Report upload date
    private String fileName;//Get the address of the report

    private String name;//The name of the owner of this report
    private String sex;//Gender of the owner of this report
    private String setmealName;//What kind of report is this

Clarify the implementation process

  1. When users log in with wechat public, they send SMS verification code through their phone number for verification

    If the user is not registered, the registration will be completed automatically here

  2. After logging in, show the following page

  3. Here, members can choose to make an appointment for physical examination

  4. If the member's appointment is successful and the visit is completed, you can view the visit information and physical examination report here as follows:

  5. Here, you can view the physical examination report of the current user. Because a user can have multiple physical examination packages, all the physical examination packages of the current user are listed here

  6. You can click view to view the final physical examination form of the current report

Front end page code

<div class=<!-- Page content -->
                <div class="contentBox">
                    <div class="list-column2">
                        <ul class="list" v-for="order in orderLists">
                            <li class="type-item" style="width: 100%">
                                <a class="link-page">
                                    <div class="type-title">
                                        <p>{{order.sex == '1' ? 'male' : 'female'}}</p>
                                    <div class="type-icon" @click="handleShow(order.fileName,order.reportStatus)">
                <span class="f-left"><i class="icon-back" onclick="history.go(-1)"></i></span>
                <span class="center">Customer physical examination information health management system</span>
                <span class="f-right"><i class="icon-more"></i></span>
var vue = new Vue({
                    orderLists:[]//Model data for presentation
                        if (fileName !=null){
                            window.location.href = 'http://r1mmj5zj3.hn-bkt.clouddn.com/'+fileName;
                        }else {
                            alert("Report not uploaded");
                created (){
                    // alert(this.phoneNumber)
                    //Send an ajax request to obtain all package data and assign it to the setmealList model data for page display
                    axios.get("/report/getAllReportByTelephone.do?phoneNumber="+phoneNumber).then((res) => {
                            //The query is successful. Assign a value to the model data
                            this.orderLists = res.data.data;
                            //Query failed. A prompt will pop up

Background code


    public Result getAllReportByTelephone(String phoneNumber){
            List<MobileReport> list = reportService.getAllReportByTelephone(phoneNumber);
            return new Result(true, MessageConstant.GET_REPORT_SUCCESS,list);
        }catch (Exception e){
            return new Result(false, MessageConstant.GET_REPORT_FAIL);


    public List<MobileReport> getAllReportByTelephone(String phoneNumber) {
        //Get the member id from the member's phone number
        Member member = memberDao.findByTelephone(phoneNumber);
        List<MobileReport> mobileReportsList = new ArrayList<>();
        if (member != null){
            //Obtained member id
            Integer memberId = member.getId();
            //Get member's name
            String name = member.getName();
            //Get gender of report owner
            String sex = member.getSex();

            //Get all reports of this id through the member id
            List<Report> reports = reportDao.findReportsByMemberId(memberId);
            for (int i = 0; i < reports.size(); i++) {
                //Get t_ All the contents of the Report table are encapsulated in the Report class
                Report report = reports.get(i);
                if (report != null){
                    //Get primary key id
                    Integer id = report.getId();
                    //Get package id
                    Integer setmealId = report.getSetmealId();
                    String setmealName = null;
                    if (setmealId != null){
                        //Get the name of the package
                        setmealName = setmealDao.findSetmealNameById(setmealId);
                    //Get the date when the report was uploaded
                    Date reportLoadDate = report.getReportLoadDate();
                    //Get the file name of the corresponding package
                    String fileName = report.getFileName();
                    //Get report upload status
                    String reportStatus = report.getReportStatus();
                    //Add in the mobileReportsList collection
                    mobileReportsList.add(new MobileReport(id,reportStatus,reportLoadDate,fileName,name,sex,setmealName));

        return mobileReportsList;

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